Second California Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I can’t believe it is our second Thanksgiving here already. This past year has felt like it went by in a wink but ALSO feels like “THE LONGEST YEAR OF MY ENTIRE GODDAMN LIFE” haha. I re-read the post I wrote last year on Thanksgiving and the post I wrote a few days later to showcase our grub. I am flummoxed by those posts for a few reasons. At that time we had JUST gotten here. We were still filled with that dizzy giddiness to be here. Also that Thanksgiving was difficult because it was the first one we spent away from our families and even away from each other because Kristyn had to work. One thing hasn’t changed, she’s working again today so we’re going to have our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow because we have the whole day off together. I am oddly less homesick this year but I guess it’s because I deal with homesickness in one way or another EVERY day so why should Thanksgiving be any different? That said, I wish I was there and having fun with our families. Another thing that amazed me about those pictures is how short Kristyn’s hair was! Hot damn them’s some short hairs! Haha.

Anyway, we have all of our food ready to go except one or two little things we will pick up tonight after Kristyn gets home. We had a mini Thanksgiving meal today. I toasted some wheat bread, put heated up Tofurkey deli slices, stuffing and cranberry sauce on it and made “Thanksgiving sandwiches” for us. Good shit. Kristyn is probably going to have a busy but fun Thanksgiving at work today. I have some work to do that I don’t want to have to do tomorrow. SO I’m listening to Christmas music and blogging to warm up my hot little fingers so I can start my other writing assignment haha.

Later, I am going to watch Dexter, drink a bottle of already opened wine (it’s asking for it) and crochet this blanket:

I had bought these colors to make a Thanksgiving blanket with the leftover orange yarn from Nana’s Halloween blanket. BUT they clashed with the orange but looked nice together. (I think we’ve been through this.) Anyway, these colors are Gryffindor colors! SO this blanket is going to make me forever say either “Harry Thanksgiving!” or “HP Thanksgiving!” to people and they’ll love it.

This week has been fun because Kristyn’s co-worker Nina and her boyfriend Marco threw a Thanksgiving party on Tuesday. It was an ambitious endeavor because there were SO many people there. The food was so good and it was SO nice to get out of the house haha. We met a lot of really nice people to. So thanks again guys! :)

And I’m writing for LA Music Blog now so I went to my first show last night. I went to see mr. Gnome at Silver Lake Lounge and they were so good! Here is one of the pictures I took:

So okay I’m going to go do all of that stuff right now. And this below picture is for our families that tease us about our Tofurkeys haha.

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