Routine is the Spice of Life

* Wake up.
* Read blogs on my phone.
* Check Facebook.
* Talk to Kristyn.
* Go to the bathroom.
* Leave the bedroom and greet the HERD of animals that run at me screaming.
* Get momentarily flattered by their attention and then notice that their food bowls are empty.
* Call them all jerks.
* Feed the jerks.
* Turn on the oven to make facon.
* Put on some coffee.
* Kristyn drags herself out of bed and starts the dishes.
* Straighten up the house while the oven is heating.
* Make breakfast.
* Eat breakfast.
* Talk about the shit we gotta do.
* Write a To Do list.
* Start the day.

From here things take different turns depending on where we’ve got to be but every morning is the same. I love this part of the day. (But I hate that I always have to do the cooking because “Kristyn doesn’t know how”. That’s some “While you’re up” shit if I ever heard it haha. But I go along with the farce because more than cooking, I hate dishes.)

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