Regarding Tina Fey

I am actually working on something that needs me to think about Tina Fey but the problem is that it has derailed me into thinking too much about Tina Fey and I have been YouTube-ing videos of her on David Letterman, as you do.

Now I am not much of an SNL fan although I was happy when she was on there and doing Weekend Update with Amy Poehler (who I LOVE). It was during this time that our friend Josh introduced us to the Upright Citizens’ Brigade Theater in NY which is owned by Amy Poehler and Horatio Sanz. On Sundays (as you probably already know), they host an improv show called ASSSSCAT. There are always a lot of really great comedians that show up every Sunday to ASSSSCAT (like Rachel Dratch LOVE HER) but one night Tina Fey showed up. At the time I was all, “Hey that’s pretty cool…” But NOW I think that I would die. The thing about ASSSSCAT is that you just have to show up to see who is going to be there. They don’t tell you in advance so there is no funkin way to know if you’re going to just get the house comedians (who are awesome and Amy Poehler is ALWAYS there). But sometimes Tina Fey shows up or Janeane Garafolo shows up or Eric Nies from the first Real World shows up…it’s madness. Celebrities show up to act as the monologist OR just to sit in the audience so it’s a great place to people watch as well.

ANYWAY, I always remember that she seemed down to earth at ASSSSCAT but I also follow celebrity gossip and NO ONE escapes criticism so sometimes I hear that my Liz Lemon had a spat with someone. I chalk it up to disagreements and bad moments because I don’t want to hear a bad word about Tina Fey AT ALL. So I was kind of nervous to watch the YouTube videos of her on David Letterman because I just did NOT want her to come off as overly snarky and she didn’t disappoint. In fact, if it’s even possible, I like her more. Liz Lemon, while hilarious and someone that I would totally be friends with, has a mean streak a mile wide. It’s interesting to see Tina Fey as much lighter and less sure of herself when talking to Dave. Anyway, whatever, I am wasting time so whatever. Watch these videos. DO IT.

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