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I made more coffee than I usually do today (8 cups rather than 6 cups) and it is making me barking mad.  I have been feeling really cooped up today and started throwing myself a mini pity party.  Thankfully I realized I was doing it and forced myself to get showered, get dressed, put on some makeup and go OUT.  I was doing that thing though were you won’t allow yourself to do the ONE thing you want to do.  Rather than letting myself go for a walk, I straightened up and read stuff online and pet the cats and put stuff away.  It was ridiculous.  (Thankfully cleaning was part of my temper tantrum aka always look for the silver lining.)  I finally let myself go out but it was already getting dark.  So the above pictures aren’t me trying to do anything other than get out of the house already.  I didn’t have any photographic goals, just felt like relaxing by taking a walk and burning off some of this caffeine rage haha.  The sunset was really beautiful and so I figured I should just try to get the sunset as realistic as possible and make everything else be in silhouette (for the most part).  I really need to learn how to do HDR.

Also, I should tell you that I shot 72 pictures and deleted them all besides the 11 I showed here haha.  I don’t know if I did that because the pictures sucked, I am crazy today or if I took too many shots of the same things.  Either way, I thought I should note that.

Okay, I think that’s all I got for right now.  I have to write a couple of essays for various reasons and I don’t want to take too long blogging and then be all tired of the computer.  Later dudes.

P.S. I am also going to get the sewing machine working and make a prototype for my Etsy shop today if it fng kills me.  I have so much that I “have to do” lately that I have no room for “want to do” and whenever I take too much time doing stuff I “want to do”, I feel really guilty.  So I find myself in a have to do/want to do swirl and end up paralyzed, unable to do anything at all.  If I don’t get a job soon, Momma is going to lose her shit.  BLERG.

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