Gary: Landlord of the Flies

Okay, I just found a blog that actually makes my sweetheart of a landlady look like a tall drink of water. I was reading Hyperbole and a Half (which you should only read if you like smiling and laughing at clever things) when I found this gem of a blog on her sidebar. It is called Gary: Landlord of the Flies and/or Stranger than Eviction.

In this Tumblr blog, Gabe outlines his MONTH living in a sublet in Chicago and all the things his drunken landlord/housemate puts him through. There are trips to the hospital, a felony case, police officers, harrassing emails and phone calls, emoticons, a series of court cases and even Dr. Phil gets involved. It’s incredible. I think it’s true because I haven’t found anything online to dispute the fact and the author (Gabe) has brought the landlord (Gary) to court so it is apparently publicly recorded but I have somewhere to be and don’t feel like verifying that. (Also I have a case of the sniffles due to a really sweet attempt by Kristyn to gussy my morning coffee up with some Soy Pumpkin Nog. Neither of us ever seem to remember the correlation between my ingestion of Soy Pumpkin Nog and the allergy attack that follows UNTIL I’m in the throes of said attack. And it’s not like she did it without asking.  She offered and I accepted.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.)

My favorite part of these entries are the names that Gary calls Gabe, namely that the word “squirrely” comes into play so often. In reality, I have something of a “Gary” in my own life (not my landlord) which makes this all the more hilarious. If you happen to be the “Gary” in my life that is reading this, THIS is what you sound like. Remember Gary. Keep him in your head as a reference. Pleeeeease.

Here are some kind notes that Gary leaves for Gabe in the (MONTH!) time that he lives there:

6 thoughts on “Gary: Landlord of the Flies

  1. That “you are evicted” made me LOL. I had terrible experiences with my landlady in Kearny, including, but not limited to: stealing my medication and throwing the bottle on the side of my bed, stabbing my computer with reckless abandon with our Phillips head screwdriver, clandestinely sneaking into our apartment and lying about it, and telling me that I was making her house look like trash by leaving a shampoo bottle by the bathroom window, prompting Matt to put every bottle (of anything) by the front bay window.

    • Haha Rachel that is so crazy. Why in the feck would she stab your computer? Like what part of it did she stab? Also, how does the house look like trash by putting a shampoo bottle on a windowsill? Haha.

    • Haha…I know this blog is awesome. I love how calm he is. I need to take a page out of his book. I let things bother me too much but it’s so much more hilarious when you can just be as composed as he is haha.

    • I loved that too. Like why does Gary have to call him bipolar and squirrely all the time? Haha. I mean I get where he’s going when he calls him queer because he thinks he’s hurling an insult. But unless Gabe has evidence of being bipolar it just seems like a weird insult to hurl. And don’t even get me started on squirrely. I LOVE THAT HE CALLS HIM SQUIRRELY.

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