The Dressmaker

Last night I sat down and started making a dress. I found a very simple dress tutorial (see above) on a blog called “Cornflower Blue” that I want to try my hand at making. It just requires four squares of fabric and some stitching. I want to get into making some of my own clothes. I’m not saying I’m going to get into making wedding dresses or anything complicated but I’ve made skirts and Halloween costumes and taken in shirts and repaired tons of clothing. I’ve made my own patterns too and made the bodice of a dress that I was going to wear to a wedding and then never finished. I’ve never tried to work with an actual dress pattern though and they have a ton of McCall’s and Simplicity (and even Vogue) at Michael’s. There’s also a pattern for a purse I want to make there too. The ones I like are called something like “Cheap and Simple” or some crap and are just basic designs, nothing fancy. Luckily that’s what I like so there you go. I mean I am not suffering from the delusion that I will be able to make all of my own clothes but most of the patterns come with a couple of different ways to make the same dress. Like they give you additional patterns to change the sleeves or the skirt or to add pockets or the neckline. I’m never 100% thrilled with dresses I find in stores, not even in (especially not even in) plus sized stores. Look, I am glad you exist Torrid but take a step back. Not all women with “more to love” need to accommodate a Pam Anderson rack. The bottom line is that retailers just make assumptions on your measurements that I don’t like, ESPECIALLY in Plus sized stores. Therefore I tend to pick through regular sized selections and find things that have a little give. A) It’s more comfortable and B) ALL of my measurements are accomodated. The problem with dressing unstructured like that is that it’s a little sloppy (read: a lot sloppy). So I figure if I can make a dress that fits my measurements, tastes and is in a fabric that I’VE PURCHASED to flatter ME AND ME ALONE, I win at life.

Another thing I’m going to get into is getting clothing tailored. My mother has always encouraged me to look into this but I’ve never considered it seriously. I mean why COULDN’T I buy a dress that fits all over except for the bust and then have it tailored to fit me just right? And I could do that thing where I argue with myself and say, “But Coleen what if you lose a ton of weight and then all that tailored clothing doesn’t fit anymore?” And THEN I just say, “But Coleen, your affinity for blogging and crocheting and sewing and tv watching will always trump your affinity for mountain climbing and long distance running and extreme sporting (ie. the affinity for that stuff you DO NOT HAVE). So I can tailor clothes to fit the person that I AM and then rejoice when I have to re-tailor things because I suddenly get awesome and ripped and fit OR I can never tailor things just IN CASE I get awesome and ripped and fit. Haha.

So yeah once I get a job and on my feet I will try this out. Even before I get a job I want to start working towards this goal because if I can throw together a simple dress for a few bucks and then ACCESSORIZE, ACCESSORIZE, ACCESSORIZE, that is a much less expensive route than going out and pissing money into the wind for clothes I can’t afford, aren’t comfortable, don’t like and won’t wear again. And if I ever decided to put down the cookie and pick up the iron, I will want a whole new wardrobe anyway, right?

And anyway, here is the finished product from the pattern above. It’s just a simple dress but accessorized it looks cute and you wouldn’t assume that it is or is not from a store. So easy.

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