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You might have noticed that my last two blogs have an order to “Read More” at the bottom of them. That is because I finally learned the code to create a jump. So from now on I’m going to add a jump to my more blahdy blah and picture heavy posts. If you come here from Twitta or FB you might not have noticed it because it doesn’t come up when you are brought to a single post. You only see it on the main page. I just don’t want my entire front page to be dominated by a full page post of drowsy ramblings. I’d rather keep it down to a dull roar and if you’re really that interested in finding out how an intellectual genius’ mind works, you can follow along with the jump to learn about such important things as:

What I dreamt about last night.
What I ate today.
What garbage I purchased.
Seriously unique pictures of “the cutest cats that have ever lived”.
Accounts of Kristyn’s and my foolery.
Reasons why LA is awesome.
Reasons why LA is trying to kill us.

You know, just seriously important ideas that really need to be shared with the world. Ideas that are bigger than me. Just let me be great guys, just let me be great.

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