RIP Aunt Rosemary!

My cousin Jennifer, Aunt Rosemary’s granddaughter, gave me this picture to post. Aunt Rosemary was a sweet, funny little lady who went through hell this year with cancer. She is my Nana’s sister. She’d been feisty and full of energy for her entire life apart from these past two years. This past year though the cancer would knock her out for a few months and then she’d come back to herself and then it would knock her out again. Anyway, she’s no longer suffering. She had a long happy life (89!) and a sweet, peaceful death which is all anyone can ask for in this life.

Obviously I can’t go to her wake or her funeral (being that I’m 3,000 miles away and dirt poor) so this is my tribute to her. We’ll miss you Aunt Rosemary! :*)

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