This morning I had a hard time getting out of bed because it was so nice and cool outside.  I know that LA isn’t known for fresh air but lately the air has been smelling so nice when I sleep (there is a window right above my head).  I was up late writing something and then I had to get up early to help Kristyn get ready to go to work at her internship.   I could barely open my eyes.  I mean it usually takes me a few minutes but I’m up and at’m.  And I NEVER go back to sleep.  Once I’m up, that’s it, I’m up.

Today though I decided to go back to sleep for a little while after she left.  So unlike me to do.  I didn’t set an alarm because I figured I’d wake up in an hour or so.  1:30 pm guys.  1:30 pm.  I am suffering from that “What did I DO?!” sleep guilt now.  Ugh I hate this feeling.   I feel like a total bum.  And what in the world do I have to be tired about?!  Ugh.  *self-hatred*

I made some coffee and I’m going to take a quick shower to re-start the day.  When I get out I’m going to job hunt and then write up my schedule for the next week.  I have some important appointments to take care of that will help us out a LOT.  And then I have to be ready at about 5:45 because we have another show we have to go to for the music blog.  Kristyn has to cover a band and meet someone from one of the labels.

Kristyn woke up today without the ability to raise her right arm up at all.  We’re thinking it was from the other night when she had to lift a nearly two hundred pound dead dog.  But that was Sunday night and it didn’t hurt then.  All day yesterday we ran some errands and her lil’ arm was okay too.  Last night she was writing a lot on the computer but it didnt really hurt then either.  But this morning she could barely use it.  Curious.  I FORCED her to take some Ibuprofen and then rubbed some Icy/Hot on it also by force.  Kristyn is a nervous nelly and doesn’t like to take medicine.  But then she’ll cry over something silly like a headache until I force her to take an OTC pain reliever.  Then she’s all, “IDK why but it went away!” Now she’s at work and I can’t threaten her with a good bludgeoning if she doesn’t obey my medical orders and guess who hasn’t taken her ibuprofen or re-applied her Icy/Hot?!  *sigh*

Also I put a V-neck shirt on backwards before.  First time for everything.

See ya later I just felt like blahblahblahing for a minute before I got on with my Day and my cats witnessed all of these things happen.  Therefore they don’t want to hear about it again.

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