Forcing my hand

Guys, thankfully we got the internet up the other day. This is going to make job hunting SO MUCH EASIER. Besides that though I have come to a firm realization. If no one is going to hire me, I have to hire myself. I have been doing so much brainstorming trying to figure out what I can do to bring in some money. Over and over I am going over my skill set while making things with my hands. And the phone doesn’t ring and I’ve made yet ANOTHER crocheted blanket. I finally realized yesterday that I seriously have to put up an Etsy shop and start being serious about it. I’ve had a bunch of requests from people to make things for them but I have turned them all down. The REASON I’ve turned them all down is for a few reasons:

1) I’ve seen my Grandma open a craft business and it got to be a lot for her to do.

2) Crafts are labor intensive and I would need to charge accordingly for that which is something I know I’ll have a problem enforcing.

3) I feel funny about charging family and friends for things I’ve made.

4) I’ve been trying to come up with products I can turn around relatively quickly. (I think I have come up with some good stuff though.)

5) We don’t really have enough expendable income to seed this project.

BUT I have finally realized that we have a lot of good reasons TO start with this:

1) The shop might have been a lot for my Grandma to handle but she also had three of her kids living with her and a full-time job. I don’t have these problems.

2) I will just have to man up and set my own prices. We need money, plain and simple.

3) I need to feel productive and like I’m contributing more than just keeping the house clean and feeding these little furballs.

4) I am applying for jobs but they’re not calling back. I can drive all over LA asking for jobs but whenever I do that, we waste a ton of gas money because they just all tell me to go home and apply online. I can use that money instead to just seed this venture. Makes sense to me.

5) There are a LOT of farmer’s markets and craft shows all over LA EVERY WEEKEND. If I got on that circuit, I could make at least what I’d make working at a seasonal job at the mall. Yeah it would be more work but it would be less soul crushing. Also those people won’t give me the time of day. And if you say the words “seasonal work” to me, I will have to pinch you so hard. Trust me, I’m putting myself out there. They aren’t biting.

6) It could be a lot of fun. I’ve always done crafts and I have a lot of talent in this area. My Grandmas and Mother taught me a lot and the rest is stuff I taught myself. I like being in a creative frenzy. Whenever I get in that zone it’s like giving birth. IT HAS TO COME OUT. The problem is that my creative babies come in bursts so I always have like five projects I’m working on, all kind of getting done in spurts haha. But if I had a series of things I could just bang out all at once and a deadline to do it by, I could get a lot more done. Then the labor intensive things I could set aside for a different time.

7) TV. I could watch a lot of TV. I like watching TV.

So see? Good times had by all. The shop isn’t anywhere near up yet. I’m just posting this so I can formally give myself this challenge. A goal isn’t a goal until you write it down, no? And for me this means that I need to post it up here so that I will feel like an asshole if I don’t go through with it! Booyah.

Something tells me that Kristyn is going to get suddenly really good at crafts against her will. She already made the mistake of offering to help me sometimes. Mooohahahaha.

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