Fringe Benefits

As I’ve mentioned, Kristyn is writing for LA Music Blog. This couldn’t have come at a better time for us for a few reasons:

A) Kristyn has always wanted to be a writer.

B) Kristyn has always wanted to work in the music industry in one way or another.

C) Because she needs to review music and shows, we have been able to get out of the house and listen to new music as a benefit of the job. All it costs us is a little gas and time to go to the shows. And Kristyn writes it up and feels a sense of accomplishment once it’s posted.

D) Since we’ve been here I’ve been following my dreams while Kristyn makes it possible by working hard at her job. It’s not the way I wanted it, just the way it worked out because I can’t find a job. She is finally getting to go after her dreams out here which makes us both happy.

E) Since Kristyn needs to take pictures of the shows, I have had to teach her how to use the DSLR which has strengthened my knowledge and hers at the same time.

F) We have things to look forward to which has resulted in us being a lot lot happier.

The other night we went to a show at The Music Box/Henry Fonda Theater. It’s the second show we’ve been to there since we came to LA, the first being The Gossip right when we got here.

The opening band was called “Telekinesis”. They are from Washington State and were SO good. It’s been a while since we’ve gone to see dude musicians so I think we were both pleasantly surprised. (We really only ever see women play just bc that’s where our musical tastes lie. Inadvertent sexism.)

Here is the curtain. I just thought it was pretty haha.

The band Kristyn actually came to review was “The Vaselines”. They actually were the inspiration for a lot of Nirvana’s music. As a formerly feverish Nirvana fan, it was awesome to see my hero’s hero live. I’d never actually heard a song by them until Kristyn brought the CD home. Turns out “Molly’s Lips” and a few other songs are covers of their songs. Did not know that.

They are from Scotland and were so adorable. They made me really homesick and desperate to finally visit Scotland myself.

And they were so goddamn cute. This band has been together since the 80s and you can tell they have an easy camaraderie by the little stories they tell on stage. I won’t say anymore about them because Kristyn hasn’t gotten a chance to review them yet.

The headliner is a band called “Superchunk”. I’ve heard of them but never actually heard their music before. I understand they have somewhat of a rabid fanbase but have never really known anyone who was a fan. Neither of us knew what to expect.

WELL. I am here to say that “Superchunk”, whether you are a fan or not, is an awesome concert to see live. They are tight and have a ton of energy. And they played for a LONG time.

I was feeling really queasy and the bass was making my stomach flip. We had been pressed up against this wall in front of the stage since before the show started. Kristyn needed to shoot the show and was able to stand in this little press area in front of the stage during the first three songs for each band. When we first got to the Music Box, there wasn’t really anyone there. We thought there had been a really poor turnout. Because we were facing forward the whole time, we had no idea how much the venue had filled up. When I decided to go find someplace to sit because I wasn’t feeling well, I was FLOORED to see how large the crowd had gotten. Here is my view from the stage when I got to ALMOST the back of the crowd.

I found a really nice antique armchair to rest my weary bones and distressed gastrointestinal system in while waiting for the show to end. Here is a picture of the lights in the lobby where I was waiting.

Next week we have another show to go to and it should be a lot of fun.

Oh also I’m really into “Little House on the Prairie” again. Cycle of life type shit.

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