Monday Fun Day

Yesterday I put my foot down and demanded that we have a day of fun. We haven’t just decided to enjoy ourselves for a long time. I think the strain of it was just getting too much. Kristyn fought against me a bit at first but I insisted. How can we keep working hard if we don’t ever take a break to enjoy each other’s company?

So we woke up late and had a big breakfast. Then we lazed around reading the Internet and deciding what to do. Then I decided to do a little bit of “work” and made some calls to get the Internet turned back on. Then we DID do some discussing on how to get ourselves back on track. We came up with some really good ideas and a way to carry them out.

Then we decided we wouldn’t discuss it anymore. We wanted to buy a bottle of Two Buck Chuck from the Trader Joe’s around the corner and play Wii, either Harry Potter or Resident Evil. We’ve owned both games for a while but haven’t played in forever. We drove to the bank and then intended to go straight to Trader Joe’s but then got drawn in by the lure of the Good Will. There’s a big, clean one near us. This isn’t a poor thing, this is just a “we like to thrift shop” thing. We didn’t go in planning to buy anything and we left without buying anything. It was just nice to browse for a little while and paw through all the weird crap. Because it’s LA, they have weird artwork that people have made and some weird clothes. I mean it’s not that special but we managed to have a good time. And I’ve been dying to thrift shop forever. Their VHS collection was GOOD! But each VHS was $1.99. For a VHS. Money doesn’t grow on trees Good Will. That’s some highway robbery shit right there. But then I’m used to buying them at yard sales for a quarter so I’m just cheap. Whatever.

After that we went to Trader Joe’s and Vons to get stuff to make tacos. Kristyn has been DYING for them. We decided to forgo the Chuck bc we’d rather have tacos and groceries. I know the wine is only $2 but we’re on a fixed budget and would rather eat stuff than get a slight drunk (and subsequent headache) on.

We got home and ate a LOT of tacos. I am STILL full more than 12 hours later. Kristyn tried to beg off playing Wii with me because her torso was filled with the food of the Gods/Mexicans but I wouldn’t let her, evil overlord that I am. BUT she relented (probably bc she was too confused from her food coma). When she went to turn on the Wii she found that the wire for the sensor bar had been chewed by one of our furry inmates/ingrates. I think I know who it was too and he/she will be duly punished with unwanted/overzealous hugs and kisses. Teach you to eat my electronic equipment. So we watched Roseanne and laid on the couch. I crocheted and Kristyn drifted off to sleep. I put a crocheted blanket over her, turned off all of the lights (except the purple, green and orange string lights I hung for Halloween) and laid down on the other couch. It started raining really hard and I allowed myself to go to sleep listening to the rain outside the window.

It was a good day.

Here is a catalogue I got in the mail yesterday. The cover picture made me laugh out loud when I brought it in.

And here is Elvira playing with one of the Trader Joe’s bags. We always have to lay them out when we get home from Trader Joe’s so the cats can play for a bit.

And I didn’t take this one yesterday but prob a day or two ago. I was talking about Clubber Lang with my friend Josh on FB and realized I had a Cabbage Patch knockoff of him sitting on my shelf haha.

Also, both me and Kristyn wanted to thank our friends Anna and Matt for their unexpected kindness this week. It means a lot to us. There are a million people we wanna thank but if we get into that we will probably leave people out and we don’t want that. I just wanted them to know that we really appreciated their help a lot. If you ever need anything we are your gals!!! :*) *HUG!*

2 thoughts on “Monday Fun Day

  1. Sounds like a fun day, and you deserve it! I have a few cases of Charles Shaw (*3 buck chuck * in nj/ny :-) ) leftover from our wedding. We bought 8 cases for 200 people and had 7 1/2 left over!! I guess it wasn’t a wine-drinking crowd, bc almost all of the beer/liquor were gone. I wish I could send you some of that. I am totally sick of it.

    • Hahaha sounds like a good problem to have though I know what you mean. We have beers in our fridge from when my sister visited us last September (as in 09) haha. When we left NJ we had an overwhelming collection of brewskis from parties we’d had. Just stray beers people left behind and we never drank haha.

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