Guys I am happy to say that I completed EVERY task on my To Do List yesterday. It took me until midnight but goddammit I did it. The desk honestly could use a little more TLC but the effort I put into that little thing made a difference. I have to fix it up a little bit more though. I don’t know if I explained the desk situation thoroughly enough yesterday. Like I said, the computer is broken which makes that area useless. And THEN we rearranged shit and bought a bookshelf to have more places to put our “stuff”. But then the unattractive stuff that didn’t have homes, like currently necessary papers and mail and paper clips and CDs and all kinds of stuff ended up on the desk so that they wouldn’t sully the perfection that was the other places. Essentially we made the desk into the asshole of the apartment so that everything could look nice. The PROBLEM is that the desk is right in the center of the apartment and visible from everywhere in the house. So it’s akin to getting plastic surgery all over your face but neglecting the gigantic honking hooknose. Dummies.

Anyway, since I am unplugged from the world now that I can no longer afford to go to my internship, I need to find a way to make a schedule for myself. I need to find a job, I need to take care of some personal stuff, I need to keep the house going so Kristyn can bring home the bacon. This is difficult when you have nowhere to go and no one expecting you anywhere. Despite your best intentions you can end up kind of feeling like you can do things in some distant “later”. But that’s not true. In the past, during times when I was feeling overwhelmed with my life, I dug myself out of it with To Do Lists and that’s what I’m gonna do now. At the end of every day, just write a list for the next day. Get out of bed and hop to it.

Anyway, it’s been nice out these past few days. It’s been drizzly and cool. It smelled like a campfire when we left the house today and reminded me of Upstate NY which I love. Vanessa told me that she feels like the winds are going to start to blow in our direction and I hope she’s right.

Gotta get started on today’s To Do List. Later fools.

P.S. Before I go, I can’t believe it’s almost Halloween. We haven’t done one single Halloweenish thing besides decorate the apartment. We feel cheated because this is the second Halloween in a row we haven’t gotten to celebrate. If we were religious, Halloween would be our religious holiday so to not celebrate it for two YEARS feels blasphemous. Also, LA is like the BEST for Halloween. There is so much awesome Halloween stuff to do and we can’t do any of it. *sigh*

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