Thank you Kristyn!

Also, I wanna thank Kristyn. She’s been pulling out all her most bizarre stops to make me laugh lately. Kristyn has a particularly weird subtle sense of humor that I KNOW I am the only one who gets to enjoy to the fullest extent. And I know it’s intentional though she plays certain things off as unintentional. (Like what’s funny about the joke is that it’s “unintentional” but actually it’s not.) Anyway, big thank you’s to Kristyn for getting me to laugh. I know what you’re doing and I thank you SO much. Last night she had me laughing so hard I couldn’t push my laundry cart. It was that kind of “hopeless to do anything else but laugh” laughter that you don’t get very often. Good times. I promise and I pledge to make you laugh again once I get my shit straight which I think will be soon. : )

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