Fun and Toiling

Yesterday was a BUSY day. We didn’t get home until almost 2am because I had to pick Kristyn up at work. And then we had to be up by 7am to get her to her internship for 9am. The plan for me was to run a few errands and then job hunt.

My first errand was to FINALLY get this blanket I’ve been working on into the mail. My Nana was in the hospital recently and really thought she was a goner. She has cancer and the treatment itself had almost taken her from us twice so I had to believe her. She decorates her house meticulously for holidays, ESPECIALLY for Halloween. Even if she stayed with us, we didn’t know how long she’d be in the hospital. SO since I’m 3,000 miles away and can’t give her a hug I decided to crochet her a Halloween blanket to:

A) Spruce up and Halloweenify her hospital room.

B) Bc what is a crocheted blanket if not a big hug?

I started it on Labor Day weekend and only just finished now though! I wanted it to be full-sized (rather than lap blanket sized) so she’d be warm as the weather started cooling off in the fall.

But THANK GOD, Nana got out of the hospital and is back home now. She has a good setup where she can get around the house easily and we are so thankful.

The other day I finished the blanket. Lord knows she doesn’t need another blanket at home. And I know she gets tired of holiday decorations the nearer it gets to the date of the holiday BUT I still want her to have it. I took it to the laundromat and cleaned it so it would be fresh. Afterwards I packed it and a bunch of little goodies for Nana, Mom and my brother Charles in there.

I was kinda sad to see the blanket go. I’m not religious like Nana is so this blanket was kind of my rosary to her while she was sick. Like I felt like I was DOING something when I was making it. And I was thinking hard about her while I did it. So now it feels funny sending it away because it almost feels like it’s something FROM her. Weird right? But even if she only uses it for a week, she’ll be cloaked in my prayers and hugs and that makes me feel good. I hope she likes it. The colors aren’t right in those pictures. The blanket is actually pumpkin orange, ectoplasm green, deep purple and black.

And I threw in stuff for Mom and Charles because I know they could use a lil cheering up.

During all of this I got an email for a job interview in the afternoon. I had to scrap all the rest of my errands to go and get ready to be there for 4pm. After that was over I went to pick up Kristyn at her Internship.

We ate dinner and then to the laundromat. (I went twice in one day!) We hadn’t been to the laundromat in a month so we had a LOT to do. We have been doing one large load a month and then hand washing and drying in between to save money. It’s a royal pain in the ass. So going to the laundromat felt like a “splurge” to us. Sick, sick life this is.

After that we went grocery shopping. I was dead on my feet at that point. At the laundromat we needed to break a $20 to get quarters for the machines so I bought a coffee at the 7-11 next door.
I NEEDED it desperately. I gave Kristyn some sips because I had made it particularly well. WELL, the coffee didn’t help me at all. But Kristyn became a belligerent cleaning machine. When we got home (at 11pm) she just started feverishly cleaning everything. I hugged her to stop her and she SCREAMED like a warning siren, disengaged and said, “Well you KNOW you’re not supposed to give me coffee this late!” After that I just kind of let her go. The place looks great.

Our neighbors were having a particularly raucous party because they’re moving next week. Our neighbor Sarah walked over to invite us. We figured after we put the laundry and groceries away we might walk over for a little while. But after Kristyn was done cleaning, she collapsed. I was already collapsed. SO we stayed home. I’m going to bake them something this week. They’re a nice couple and they probably hate us because we never hang out. We’re poor, tired jerks guys and we love you. Even though we never chilled, we’ll be sad to see’m go.

So that was our day. It was tiring but we are feeling much more lighthearted than we did last week. We even chuckled often which felt nice. I WISH I could tell you about the interview I went on. I will someday. *sigh*

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