(Or “Updates” if you’re nasty.)

Okay our landlady proposed an awesome plan to us BUT…it entails moving by MONDAY. Haha I know. I mean we won’t get kicked out if we can’t pull it off but the deal is sweeter for us if we can swing it. I am going to have a VERY BUSY few days.

AND! I got an email today about another position. So who knows? Maybe things will start to look up again. God I hope so.

AND! We got to go to “The Corin Tucker Band” show for Kristyn’s gig at The LA Music Blog! Corin Tucker is the lead singer of “Sleater-Kinney”, Kristyn’s all-time favorite band. So it was a total honor for her to be able to do her first live concert review for one of her idols! She looked happier than I’ve seen her in a long time. Also it was nice to be able to actually enjoy ourselves for a hot minute before driving ourselves crazy again. We needed it. AND it was an awesome show. All the bands were really good and we were both really fascinated by the woman from one of the opening bands, “The Golden Bears” for some reason. And again before you ask why we have money for concert tickets and not rent, the tickets were so Kristyn could cover the event for LA Music Blog. Just want to be clear. Bidness and not pleasure (well yes also pleasure). And I can’t say much else about it because it’s not my news but there is good news (the best news) associated with that too that I WISH I could tell you (but I can’t). *STOMP!*

And also, thank you guys so much for your support and love this week. It’s meant a lot more than you know. THANK YOU!!!

We’re both feeling much better and much more optimistic. Things ARE about to be a little bit worse before they get better up in hizzy but we have some stuff on the horizon. From tomorrow on you can probably expect exhausted wailing posts or nothing at all, both as a result of moving all of our earthly possessions, mammals and aching bones to a (hopefully not) terrifying yet affordable neighborhood. (Don’t worry we won’t be stupid. For as rough and tumble as we are, we flee FAST from danger and do not find romance in living “hard” haha. We will be okay.)

Anyway I just wanted to write a post while I was feeling up again in case it’s fleeting haha. Also I’m sure all of your eyes are watering from the flames of my angst. My apologies to your retinas good sirs and gentle ladies.

Oh and here is a sign to dazzle your pupils. It is a store called “His and Hers Hair Supply” and the sign ONLY features the top of some poor cartoon bald guy’s pate. Only in America fools, only in America.

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