We have taken the hobo costume off of Monster. We have snatched the “Will Work For Cat Food” sign out of Elvira’s paws. We told Edith to stop working on her Ponzi scheme. We didn’t have to do anything to the cardboard box we gave Chucky to practice living in because he ate the entire thing. I guess that was always going to be a bump in the road if you’re going to live in a cardboard box with a bunny.

We have done these things because we are back on track! Well we are back on track with our apartment everything else is still dramatic. Some family members stepped in to help us out and we are now going to be able to avoid a helluva lot of drama. This is a route we did NOT want to have to go. It humbles us to know that we have people around us who are willing to go out on a limb for us like that. We WILL pay you back and we WILL dedicate our first EGOTs to you (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony natch). Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. :* )

We are still going to move though. We need to find a less expensive place whether or not I find a job. I mean this apartment isn’t astronomical (by LA standards) but still we think we can find something similar for a bit less if we put in some good old elbow grease. Even if I do get a job soon, we will have a lot of bills to pay down and could use the extra money we’d have by paying less rent. This way we won’t have to move to a terrifying neighborhood, our landlady is happy and we can take our time to make an informed decision. Again, I am ashamed that we even had to accept the help on the first place. This is NOT where we wanted to be right now. We honestly thought things would be on track by now and here we are worse off than when we got here. IDK. Sometimes you have to take the hand that is offered to you though. And that is always uncomfortable for us because we like to do things on our own. This year has been a HUGE lesson, especially lately.

I think though that when all is said and done and we’re back on our feet, we’re going to be in a better position than we were. Unfortunately we lost a bunch of friends this week over this mess. When the chips were down, we found out what we meant to some people. In most cases, that meant that we were warmed by people’s cheerleading and love. In other cases, we found out that the friends we thought we had weren’t as good as we thought. As sad as that is, especially when we’re already so down, it’s for the best. Not to be cliche-ish (but I’m gonna be so please bear with me and you already know what shit I’m gonna say) but some people come into your life for a reason or a season. I don’t think these people are bad people at ALL. I just think their definition of our friendship varied from ours. That doesn’t necessarily make either of us wrong, it just makes us different. And fundamentally, their definition is not what we need right now. I hope in the future that we can see each other and be cool but at this point, too many hurtful things have happened for us to be okay with just carrying on like nothing happened.

BUT we have lots of people around us who care about us and we can’t focus time on anything negative right now if we’re going to get ourselves out of this self-created hole that is our California Dream.

Also, I think I’ve already thanked you guys for holding on tight when I was bucking this roller coaster with vitriol. But THANK YOU again. I think I’m done now. I feel loads better since the rent and friends thing have been resolved. Now we just have to get the job thing resolved. Also a couple of other positive developments have put a feather in my cap that I really needed. Hopefully we can all just be happy. Still, please continue to shoot good vibes into outer space for us (or pray or what have you). We still need as many hopes and prayers as possible if we’re going to get this righted.

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