Guys I write this blog for a number of reasons:

1) Because I just like to write.
2) Because I like to take pictures.
3) Because it’s kind of my own diary of what’s going on in my life.
4) So that my friends and family can check in with me if they want and kill some time.
5) Because one of my ambitions is to become a writer and the best way to keep build skills is by constantly keeping at it.
6) For fun. I just like doing it. You guys don’t see how much work I put into each post. Each one is like a craft project. I upload each picture and then resize them by hand, placing them specifically. I write and then rewrite each paragraph so that my words not only come out reflecting how I feel but also hopefully with maximum entertainment potential.

To keep up with this blog, I have to expose more of myself than a person usually would. I know that by putting things out there, I am inviting criticism. I am also constantly flattered to find out about people who do give it a read once in a while that surprise me. Also, a funny thing about this blog is how sometimes when I’m talking to someone, I’ll launch into a story they already know about because I’ve written it here and forgotten about it.

I definitely am very careful with what I put on this blog. None of it is without thought or care. For instance, I used to be much more personal when I first started keeping a blog because only my friends were reading it on Myspace. Then when I moved to WordPress I had to kind of realize that the world wide web could possibly see this. This blog would have the potential for future employers to see/criticize. I don’t think I’ve really stepped away from personal stuff, I just tend not to knee-jerk share the highly personal anymore. And before you criticize me and say that I have been sharing personal stuff, it’s true and not. I don’t just babble anything onto the Internet for all to see. I’m sharing things about myself but holding back plenty either that I don’t think is appropriate to share or would violate someone else’s privacy. I’ll tell you what’s going on with me all day but when that bumps up against someone else’s rights, I won’t unless its okay with them. OR seriously important.

Also, I write this under a pseudonym so it makes it harder to link back to me, the person. I’m sure you can find a way to track it back, especially since I have it linked to my personal Facebook (which was something I lamented for a long time before doing because I wanted to make it easier for my family and friends to read but didn’t know if my ex-coworkers and ex-classmates would get it). The point is that I am highly aware of my online persona and as careful as I can be that my professional image and personal image don’t overlap. I don’t think anything I put on here would necessarily horrify a potential employer but why take the risk? Some people are judgers before lovers and some are lovers before judgers. I’m a firm member of the latter camp but get that that is somewhat of a naive camp to be in if you think the rest of the world is that way.

All that bullshit aside, I am not one of those people who puts themselves out there and then criticizes people for their curiosity. I read SO MANY blogs. And I’m NOT really a commenter. So I know what it is to enjoy casually dropping in on someone’s thoughts, getting a chuckle and then seeing what’s going on (as if you’d check here and THEN CNN haha). Anyway all I’m saying with this is, no harm, no foul. I WANT you to read this or I wouldn’t put it out here for you to see. I’m not stupid or masochistic, just a blabbermouth.

All of THAT bullshit aside, the other day Kristyn actually had information that I wrote on THIS blog used against her by someone she knows (not even well). This person that only she knows must have found this blog in a roundabout way and read it (which is, incidentally, A-OK). Kristyn hasn’t said anything to anyone about us being disappointed in our friends and I have. Here. This girl read my blog and then tossed out that information specifically to embarrass Kristyn in front of a bunch of people based on something she perceived Kristyn was taking from her but was Kristyn’s to start. Sorry if that doesn’t make sense, I’m not going to explain it further. The point is, to the person who did that:

You only made yourself look silly. You took info you only have by lurking and used it to kick someone while they are down. Says more about you than it does about Kristyn. What’s funny is that if you try to embarrass her again after reading this, you’ll have to admit you read it and therefore are guilty in the first place. Haha.

And anyway, that’s all I have to say for today. Thank you for putting up with us during this crappy time. I know we’re tough to take right now but we are trying our best to keep our heads above water. Our last priority is making sure other people aren’t offended by our inability to slap on a happy face so that everyone else is comfortable. Love us or leave us, we are people, not marionettes.

I will leave you on a more positive note. We have brainstormed a few plans for this upcoming week which makes us feel at least a little better about our situation. Also, we’ve learned a lot of things about ourselves and the people around us this week that were really good to know, for better or for worse. We definitely feel less victim-y and more ready to just move onto the next bigger and better thing.

Here is a bonus Calvin and Hobbes cartoon for your troubles. Don’t mention it:

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