Some of our finer moments lately

Please excuse the angst blogs, I’m adjusting to new situations. In the meantime, I am also managing to eek out some good times where possible.

This is a blanket I am crocheting for my Nana. I’m bummed because I wanted to get it to her in September and now it probably won’t get there until halfway through October!:

I had another unicorn photo shoot recently. It was in outer space with a kitten I don’t really know that well. Good times:

Kristyn forced me to do another photo shoot with a doll I made of her a few years ago called “Lil’r Krissy” (named so because Kristyn is “Lil Krissy”). You can’t see it, but she’s aiming a pistol at me just out of the frame. When Lil’ Krissy says “Jump” you say “How high?!” (in a panicked tone):

Here is Monster cheering me up by sitting at the “Welcome Table”:

And here is a caramel apple! Even poor people need caramel apples. That’s got to be written somewhere:

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