My 31st Birthday (part two of a zillion)

And here is the Shambala Preserve! You can go in here if you have $50 to blow. I think for like $100 Tippy will actually walk you around and then for $150 you get lunch too?

That’s what the guy from the campground said anyway. He honestly wasn’t too sure and had only recently kind of engaged with Shambala’s “people” in sort of a dispute. Apparently fools are pulling onto Shambala’s ground and trying to barge their way in for a “right this minute” tour and saying they were told to do this by someone at the campground. He said that wasn’t the case and I believe him because he is a really nice guy.

So we just pulled over on the side of the road and looked in. Our friend Lou gave us some pretty stellar binoculars a few years ago and thankfully we had kept them in our camera bag. Still, we really couldn’t see anything.

Besides this guy, haha:

Kristyn was definitely more stalwart than I was. She was like we WILL see a big cat. Unfortunately she was wrong. We will definitely come back because Kristyn has been obsessed with big cats since she was a wee lass. And I am just obsessed with anything remotely feline (why our house is overrun with bratty cats).

These horse ranch was literally right next to our campsite. These guys were actually doing a Civil War re-enactment so naturally we were obsessed with them.

A) Because that’s so weird it’s awesome.
B) We’d never seen that before.
C) Don’t even get me STARTED on our Gone with the Wind thing.

When we got back we chilled for a little while and decided what to do next. Earlier in the day we’d chilled for a couple of hours chatting with one of the campground’s workers. He was a nice chap who’d paid his debt to society.

It wasn’t exactly hot and we were feeling LAAAAZY so we started to put the kibosh on swimming. Then I decided that we had to go swimming. This is truly the only way that Kristyn and I are completely incompatible. She hates swimming. She’s so skinny that a gentle summer’s breeze makes her want to put on a hoodie. And then there’s me. But still, I love me some mothercrunking swimming. If there is a pool in my immediate vicinity, I WILL re-arrange events in order to MAKE time to go for a swim. “Oh you’re getting married in ten minutes? Let’s make this ceremony quick then, there’s a pool up in hizzy!” The picture below is my best attempt at minimizing my Irish double chin. The other attempts clearly failed or you’d be seeing them here.

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