My 31st Birthday (part three of a zillion)

Once we got done swimming, we cleaned ourselves up and got dressed in some semi-warm duds. We were HANGRY (well no we weren’t but I just like that word) so we decided to throw on some veggie burgs. This is the one area of cooking that is solely Kristyn’s job. I just cannot seem to make a veggie burger to save my LIFE.

Here I am in my SU2C crew shirt. That shirt may not be flattering but it’s hecka comfortable. Also, it looks like I have SO MUCH makeup on.

Here is Kristyn working her veggie magic. Involves copious amounts of Worchestire and Garlic.

The Diana comes with a removeable flash and an adaptor to put on a hotshoe so you can use it with SLRs and DSLRs. It also comes with these color gels that allow the flash to turn your subject a funny color. Love it.

I guess either the pink is an intense one or it’s just because I am an almost completely white surface haha.

We went for a little walkaroo around the campground. Apparently there is a cool California Gold Rush trail right behind the campground. We were going to go on it but after all of our shenanigans, it got dark QUICK and we decided it wasn’t the best idear.

Here is Kristyn taking some pictures.

And here she is by the pool. Good times.

Also sorry about all of the close-up portraits of us. I took plenty of pictures of inanimate things but I tend to post a lot of pictures of everything BUT us for some reason. I guess it’s because I take pictures of everything but never think to take any of myself. But I read a lot of blogs and I always get a special kick when the author posts a picture of themselves rather than just what they are seeing. And for our friends and family, I would imagine you’d rather see US than a “particularly special rock” I’ve found, haha.

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