My 31st Birthday (part six of a zillion, well no this is the last one I lied)

Here I am, 31 years and one day old. Jazzed off of bagels and Diet Pepsi Max.

We (naturally) argued over taking the tent down as well haha. “FINE. YOU TAKE IT DOWN BY YOURSELF THEN!” *stomp, stomp, stomp* But we managed to take it down, apologize to each other, high five and move on haha. We remembered that we ALWAYS quarrel over the tent. Oh yeah.

This pictures exists as the reason why I don’t smile showing teeth. Photographers, please keep your toothy suggestions to yourself, bitches know when they don’t look good flashing teeth. Man I need a whitening.

And here is our sad little plot after we’d put all of our crap in the car.

Here Kristyn is driving away. She’s worrying because she is afraid that her bosses won’t like her first entry on the “LA Music Blog”.

Wearing stupid glasses, I tell her she is wrong. She wrote a great piece and they clearly have sustained recent head injuries if they don’t agree.

We get home and as we pull up, she received an email that I was right! They love it and it’s going to be posted onto the site! It was a great end to a great birthday.

We had to kind of rush inside and put everything in there though. Kristyn had to go to work at three. So we put everything away like the wind and then I forced her to recline on the couch while I made her lunch. Good times.

And if you’re still paying attention, thanks for reading all of this crap, especially after my earlier lecture on EVERYTHING.

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