My 31st Birthday (part four of a zillion)

Here is just a really super weird picture of Kristyn. The border (which is usually black) is actually the inside of the lense you are seeing. I actually don’t have a fisheye lens, I have an attachment (which is why the pictures aren’t tack sharp). But this is the weirdest fisheye picture I’ve taken because it actually turned the vignetting whitish. IDK.

I took this picture when we were walking to the Gold Rush Trail. Because we were in a canyon, it got dark VERY fast.

I mean it seriously went from late afternoon sun to full dark within the span of a half hour or so. It took us by surprise and kind of made us have to short our plans to wander the trail and take pictures. Ah well. Here is Kristyn taking some pictures. Hers are nicer than mine, hopefully she’ll post them. Oh that weird shadow on here is what happens when I use the built-in flash on my camera with the fisheye attachment. The lens get REALLY long and actually blocks the flash haha.

Our campground pals found us wandering and offered us a ride back to our site on a golf cart. We took the (somewhat perilous but fun) ride back and just played with our cameras at our site.

If you’re wondering why we don’t have a fire (not that you were), it’s because you aren’t allowed to have a campfire in this campground. They will rent you a propane fire ring but it doesn’t do much but provide you with light. It would have been nice but it would have been kind of expensive so we decided to do without and just blueberry beer ourselves into oblivion instead.

I told Kristyn just to buy me an Entenmann’s cake for the occasion. They travel well, have their own box and remind me of my Nana who would commit crimes for an Entenmann’s cake. Also, she was hella sick at the time and it was kind of nice to have it. (In NJ, you can’t enter a store without tripping over an Entenmann’s rack. In LA, you have to be kind of wiley to find them. Sure they sell them at Supermarkets but they don’t have a gigantic endcap full of endless varieties of them. They might be in the bread aisle or the cookies aisle or even in the frozen foods/dairy area. Weird.)

Kristyn shaped the candles into a “CB” for my initials haha.

This little gem of a picture is from some weird times we had after we had birthday cake. Our iPod had died and since there isn’t an electricity hookup at the site, we decided to retire to the car for a bit to recharge. We were each a few blueberry beers to the wind at this point so our time was largely spent tring to smile at each other while showing our teeth. We are both closed-mouth smilers so the results were unnatural to say the least.

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