My 31st Birthday (part five of a zillion)

The campground guys were good about checking up on us to make sure we were okay/didn’t need help. They started telling us a story about how the weekend prior, they’d gotten into a weird spat with other campers that had ended in a pushup competition haha. The younger guy, I think his name was Taylor, ended up saying that he one-upped their competition by doing one-handed pushups. Naturally we needed to see an example of this. He dropped and gave us at least ten if not twenty. So awesome.

And here we are partying with our campground friends. The guy on the left was the nice guy who’d originally told us about the lions. So nice. The guy on the right is our pushup friend (also so nice).

I figured I should show a less chaotic example of them so you can actually see their faces. I liked the craziness of the above picture though haha.

And here I am with our campground friends. I have to email them these pictures still.

Here is a perfect picture to illustrate our mindset at the end of the evening. Kristyn could NOT stand up for the life of her and it was as if the world was a bouncy castle. I was just as bad but managed to kind of pull it together for both of us haha. And before you start dialing AA, put the phone down because this nonsense was after probably only three blueberry beers each.

In the morning, we woke up and made ourselves some bagels. We usually like to toast stuff on the grill in the morning but we used to have a propane grill and now we have a charcoal one. If we got our stupid charcoal grill hot, it wouldn’t be cool by the time we had to put it in the car. I brought the propane grill with us to LA but then threw it out in a huff because I’d left it outside in the rain and didn’t feel like cleaning it. It was a few years old so I was all, “Well it was cheap, we’ll just get another one”. Well that was before we were rendered poor and mealy-mouthed. This was when “hubris” still existed. When the time came to purchase another grill, I was slammed in the face with the realization that no major retailer sells cheapo table-top propane grills anymore (at least not where I’ve searched high and low and trust me I am ALWAYS searching for this item). Blerg. (Oh and don’t even tell me that my charcoal grill is more green, this is one thing I don’t care about. I am green like whoa but I do NOT want to have to fight with charcoal briquettes when I want a sandwich. Uh uh.)

Here is all of our crap lined up on the tables. We brought SO MUCH CRAP.

And here is our empty ten person tent. Yes I said ten person. We were frivolous when we bought this. So? Haha.

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