I’m no quitter

This could be the blueberry beer talking but I am much more optimistic than my previous post suggests. I wrote it earlier today in the fury of disappointment but just published it now because I felt like it was honest and worth publishing. Guys what we are doing is not easy. And I’m not trying to pat my own back. It’s just not easy at all. We have to think hard before we do anything frivolous because a moment of silliness can cost us a month worth of bills or a week’s worth of groceries.

Still we ARE essentially at (proverbial) death’s door, that hasn’t changed. If we don’t sell stuff or find a way to work this out REALLY soon (like this week) we’re gonna have to pack it in. Really we should have already packed it in weeks ago but we came all this fng way and put in all of this effort. We aren’t going to give up without a fight, ESPECIALLY when we’ve come this close. *sigh*

And it would actually be more of a hassle to move home than to find a way to cut back here. We have to assume that even our most generous loved ones have a threshold for house guests and we can’t assume we’ll just get our old jobs back. We thought we’d both have decent jobs six months in. Here we are in our 13th month and STILL worrying about this crap. Bottom line is that we owe it to ourselves AND to our loved ones to figure this out and not become a burden to anybody. And PLEASE don’t tell me we aren’t a burden. I don’t want anyone to feel bad, we just have some brainstorming to do. Don’t forget, we ARE adults, we ARE more intelligent than the average bear and we made our bed so we’ll lie in it. There is always further you can cut back. Also, if there was ever a time to be broke it’s now. In ten years if a lender sees your credit score as being low between 2000-2015, you’ll probably have a good laugh together. “Oh those crazy years!” you’ll say.

But I am a 1,000% belligerent person and growing by the day. Long gone are the days where I’m going to take no (or silence) for an answer. You don’t want to hire me? Well now you have have me on your tail. I will call your office or your home number until you blearily hire me in the middle of the night. Shit, I’ll do what Don Draper did and take you out to get shagogged. Then I’ll show up the next day and be all, “What? You hired me!” No more Ms. Nice Gal.

So in a nutshell, I’m going to quit my polite routine. I AM polite by nature bc that is the way I was raised. BUT. If I need to throw that shit out to put some food on the table for Kristyn and the animals you can bet your motherfucking bippy I’ll do it.

I’m no quitter.

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