Vanessa and the Blueberry Beer of Ter-ror

This weekend our friend Vanessa came down to see us. Vanessa is a special effects makeup artist so there were a few stores she wanted to check out. We went to Frend’s Beauty Supply. It was pretty cool in there. It was half regular beauty supply place and half special effects makeup.

They had really cool appliances to make some really devastating injuries but I wasn’t sure how many pictures I could get away with taking so I only took pictures of fake noses and ears haha.

But here is a particularly grievous injury for you to enjoy:

Along with some really gross fake vomit:

I don’t know why these cartons that say “Wildwood, NJ” on them are in a makeup supply store in LA but let’s roll with it:

Here is a creepy-ass face mold. I want this for my collection of disembodied (fake) heads:

Here are some more creepy faces. They are examples of different foams that you can mix to make molds:

And there were a few science-experimenty things that I suppose were being sold so you can mix chemicals?

I even peeped a bunsen burner at one point (though this isn’t it):

Some test tubes:

And here is the most important picture of all. I present to you, Vanessa in her element:

After that store, we went to Halloween Town, Rob Zombie’s year-round Halloween shop. Vanessa bought two awesome prints of local artists’ work. Then we went to a couple more more-or-less forgettable stores in Burbank. We stopped at Michael’s so I could buy some yarn to finish a project and so Vanessa could buy frames for the prints. After that we went to Vons to pick up some pizza and blueberry beer. We chilled on the lanai and feverishly talked about Harry Potter.

These pictures were taken around 1am when Lil Krissy finally came home. Me and Vanessa had each had about two and a half blueberry beers and were three sheets to the wind. I don’t know what is the matter with these delightful blueberry beers:

We went in not too long after I took this picture because we thought we heard gunshots:

So we watched “Hot Tub Time Machine” until we all fell asleep where we sat like a bunch of lightweight drunkards.

The next day Vanessa got up and went to Medieval Times which made us jelly because we love us some Medieval Times.

So that was our time. Good times had by all. We all were kind of sick the next day from our “rager”. And that is what you get.


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