Thank You

Also, I just wanted to say that you guys turned out in record numbers for my little dog and pony show today. Thank you for reading the blog I posted earlier about the teen suicides. It’s an important issue that needs to be discussed honestly. I like to keep things light around here because I like to keep my life as light as possible. (Heavy things tend to worm their way in regardless of constant vigilance, so why add to it?) BUT I was reading about the teen suicides last night in a kind of detached way. I’d read about them the day before but kind of wouldn’t allow myself to become involved I guess because it’s too close. But when that dude started going off on my sister’s FB defending that kids’ bullies and decrying hate crime legislation, I kind of snapped out of it and realized I had something to say. My words won’t save the world but a lot of voices will. I am in a position where I possibly help someone just by being transparent about my own experience. I have a lot of younger cousins and relatives. I don’t know that they need my help or even want it. But today straight off the top without even trying I thought of at least 30 people I know who have had a gay experience or feeling. I’d say that out of those 30, only about 5-10 ended up coming out and the rest decided it wasn’t for them or never came to terms with it. Either way, that’s a lot of potential gay anxiety. And I’m sure all of those people would have been happy to find someone receptive to talk to. So I can’t say that I have all or any of the answers but I’m here if you need me to be even if you’re not a teen.

So all of my personal malarcky aside, I thought it was so fascinating to see the Internet light up about this issue today. If nothing else, these teens’ deaths are opening up a serious discussion on how to treat each other better. I just wish it didn’t have to be in such negative circumstances.

Gawker wrote a great article called:

What It’s Like to be a Gay Teen

Please read it. It’s spot on.

Okay now I’m really going to bed now. This has been a long, long, long, long day.

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