Nervous Wreck

I have had such a nerve-wracking day. There is something (well two somethings) that I want to happen SO BAD and just aren’t. Today I spent the entire day chained to my phone writing emails, making calls and just trying to WILL this thing into existence. I, for serious, didn’t shower or even go to the bathroom or eat anything all day just in case the phone rang haha. I haven’t had a nailbiter of a day like this in a seriously long time. BUT its over for now. Nothing I can do until Monday and then it’s back to paranoia-meltdown-good-times again. Geez.

The other half of the day was spent arguing with a tool about civil rights. Jerkwad doesn’t agree with hate crime legislation because it’s “not fair to everyone”. He actually said that beating a gay person with a bat because they’re gay is the same thing as beating a rich person with a bat to rob them. The bat, the intent to hurt and the violence are all the same and should carry the same charge. When you hit someone with a bat to punish them for who they are because YOU can’t wrap your mind around it, that’s different. No less tragic. The difference is that everyone already knows that stealing is wrong and then try their best not to mug their neighbors. Not everyone sees gay bashing as inherently wrong. And it’s never “because they’re gay”. It’s because they “lipped off” or “came onto me” or “were different”. Either way, whatever. We handed this guy his ass. And he’s a police officer so good luck world! Don’t wait to fight for your civil rights until you need the police. They may not actually take you seriously. (And before you get all pro-cop on me, I am friends with/related to several nice cops so douchechill. Yes I’ve been rewatching “Arrested Development”.)

The good thing is that I am waiting for our good friend Vanessa to come over. She’s staying with us for the weekend so that will be a welcome distraction from my mania/paranoia buffet. Although I already feel sorry for those little bones in her ears. I doubt they’ll be the same after this weekend. Sorry Vanessa’s earbones. :/

In other Vanessa news, our other good friend Vanessa got married to our other good friend Mike last weekend. And yet soooomeone had to move to SoCal and therefore not be there. We’re jerks guys and we missed out. Our total bad. If it helps, we were totally sad and jealous all day (and still are).

I guess that’s all in Bubsy news for now. I was just killing a lil time. Have a good one. Take care now.

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