Why the Emmys made me cry

This post is a little late. I wrote it when I was watching the Emmys a few weeks ago. Our Internet is down and our computer is broken so I haven’t really had much chance to finish a blog. Now, more than ever, this blog explains the way I feel about everything we’re currently going through so I’m gonna post it anyway. Here it is:

Guys, one year ago today, me and Kristyn and both of our families were FEVERISHLY packing during the day. At night we had our going away party with our friends. This move has not been easy for us. We’ve had to give up A LOT in the pursuit of a dream we’ve both always had. We’re still not exactly where we want to be financially but personally, we both feel so damn lucky.

Both me and Kristyn have always wanted to work in TV and Film. Some people say that TV rots your brain but I think that’s bullshit. I went through a period of five years where I didn’t watch TV at all because I worked full time, went to school and liked to spend most of my time out with friends. That was a fun time but it was also a time where I didn’t feel connected to the world around me. I’m not advocating watching TV 24 hours a day. My point is that TV is a cultural connector. It brings us together, gives us all something in common to talk about. It changes society’s view on subjects like sexism, racism, homophobia and any other bigotry that exists. It can lift you up when you’re feeling down. It helps us to understand each other in a way we might not get the opportunity to experience in our own lives. For those reasons, I just love it. And to me, there is just nothing else in the world I would like to do with my life.

Me and Kristyn have always been fascinated by performers of all stripes AND have kind of an obnoxious “can do” attitude. This, combined with our proximity to NYC and then LA has put us in a lot of positions where we have either seen in person or have been actually been able to interact with our idols.

This year, Kristyn interned at Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (amazing right?!). It was across the street from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences which just made us drool. In case you don’t know what the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is, they basically ARE the Emmys. We both just felt so thankful to stand in the courtyard, let alone imagining receiving an Emmy ourselves someday (not likely but one can dream).

But anyway, during the opening of the Emmys, I started to cry because I have had the opportunity to see almost all of those people in person. And it may seem like a stupid thing to cry about but I just kind of surprised myself by freaking out. And as I watch the show, I find that I’ve actually seen a LOT of my favorite actors in person. If that’s not good fortune for someone like me (who worships this kind of stuff), I don’t know what is. I guess I just feel like in some little way, I am already on a path to where I want my life to go. Watching this show (which is taking place not even ten minutes from my front door) makes me feel like some day I might even get to go to the show myself (or even work on it). And that makes me feel really excited for the future and really grateful for everyone that helped me get to this point. Even if my life takes a down turn, at least I am a person who has gotten at least a little close to her life’s greatest ambition. And there ain’t no shame in that game. I’m just really grateful.

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