Good things/Bad things.

I’m actually going to start with the Bad Things because it’s nicer to leave things on a good note, no?

A few weeks ago, we had some drama because our car got towed.  We had racked up a lot of parking tickets that we couldn’t pay.  It’s not that we were trying to be negligent, it’s just that:

A) Parking tickets are EXPENSIVE here.
B) LA is SERIOUS about making money off of parking tickets.  If you are one fraction of a second over a meter or a no parking zone, there is someone THERE writing you a ticket. 
C) We DO come from another state in the USA where parking tickets ARE issued but not like this.  In Kearny, it’s definitely a lot more relaxed than it is here and there are definitely a lot more places to park the car without fear of getting a ticket.  In LA, one block will ticket you, the next won’t.  We live nearly on the corner and we got one of the tickets for parking near the corner.  It’s “residential parking”.  We’re residents.  We don’t apply.  *sigh*  So what I’m saying is that there is a learning curve to this that we are only just getting the hang of.
D) We are worried about feeding ourselves, getting back and forth to work and interviews and keeping the lights on.  Yes the car is a priority so we WERE making payments but it just wasn’t enough for them.

SO, one day I was walking Kristyn to the car so I could get something out of it before she left for work.  Nowhere to be found.  We checked all the usual spots, gone.  Well she had to stay home from work so we could find out where in tarnation the car had gone.  A zillion phone calls later we found out that it had, indeed, been towed and that we had some traveling to do to get it back.

In order to get the car out of the pokey, we had to bring the registration to an office.  The registration was in the damn car.  We had to take the bus to go to a weird area of LA (maybe Chinatown or beyond?) to get the registration out of the car that night.  When we looked at the registration, we realized that it had literally JUST expired.  SO you can’t get bust your car out of the joint without a valid registration.  SO we had to take the bus to the DMV in West Hollywood.  Then we had to take the registration to the parking office in Downtown.  Then we had to take another bus to the car bighouse and spring her out with the help of Kristyn’s parents (thank you so much we will pay you back if it kills us or even just me!).

Anyway, when we were in Chinatown, weird-LA, we saw this be-yewt of a VW Beetle.  Because the weather’s so nice there are a lot of old cars on the road.  Key words: No weather = No rust.

Perhaps the saddest part of this story (as if it could get any sadder) is that the office where you PAY to get the car out of hock is pretty far from the place where she actually IS.  The week this happened was hot as BLAZES, like 90’s weather.  So we had to literally “hotfoot” it over to the holding cell a bunch of times.  (It’s an aggravating walk but way too close to bus it to.)

BUT the bright spot was that we found one of the canals that is kind of like the one where they drag race in “Grease”.  I could almost see Cha cha dropping her scarf.

My mind’s eye:

As if things couldn’t get bad enough, I had a terrifying experience with a spider and a web.  I had done some laundry and put it outside to dry.  It was dark and I wanted to bring the clothes inside.  I went to open the door and found a showstopper of a web.  I mean this web had to have been like two and a half feet high and hanging from the roof DIRECTLY in front of the door.  It only took the spider like two hours to do, tops because it wasn’t there when I had gone out to check on the clothes earlier.  I was scared but sad to knock it down.  I felt like as if I pulling apart this spider’s Granny Square blanket.  And I’d be PISSED if someone pulled apart my Granny Square blanket.  BUT it had to be done.  No I don’t pay the bills around here but I would if I could which is more than I can say for that lout spider squattin on our roof.  Get a job!

 And here comes the “good”.  There is much good here in LA but sadly I only have two meager offerings for you for the “good section”.

One is that I decided to paint my toenails weird the other day. I haven’t done this dual-color nailpolish thing since I was twelve but I’ve seen it on a couple of blogs and missed doing it. I’m going through a Teal thing and I’m ALWAYS going through a purple thing so here you have it (booyah):

The other thing is that “The Wiz” came on BET and confused/delighted me.  As you know, I’ve been yammering on about Michael Jackson’s corpse for a while so it was loverly to see it animated and in a scarecrow suit made of trash bags.  Coincidentally, my MJ corpse (of MJ’s funeral fame) is ALSO wrapped in plastic garbage bags in my closet.  Small world!

 I’m hungry now so I got to go.  Please send my love to your parents.



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