What Monster’s been up to lately

You’re probably wondering why I dedicate so much of my online life to Monster and not to Elvira, Edith or Chucky.  (Well I KNOW you’re not at all wondering that but try to stop me from ‘splainin.)  Cats are, by nature, of the STFU variety.  They want you to feed them.  They want you to clean their litter box.  They want you to get a job and make money so you can feed them and clean their litter box.  And they want to sleep directly between your legs when you are sleeping so that you cannot turn over or get anything resembling a good night’s sleep.  Bunnies are, by nature, troublemakers.  They want to chew things.  They want to throw things.  They want to bite wires off of expensive electronic equipment.  And they want you to get a job so you can feed them and clean their litter box.

Monster is not a cat or a bunny.  He is a baby.  The animals are all onto my game and know that I can and will take a picture of literally anything.  So they will be adorable until the camera is out and then run.  Monster is also up on this game but he follows me everywhere thus upping the chances of getting a focused picture of him rather than the blur-like concoctions I get of the other guys.  Also, he is lazy.  Also, he is adorable.  Also, he is funny and into weird shit.  Hence, the massive amount of Monster pictures.

In the below picture, I will admit that I am (off-camera) sitting on the toilet bowl (#1!).  I mention this because this “game” (ie. Coleen powdering her nose) is Monster’s favorite.  If I go in there, he runs full speed into the room and THROWS himself into the tub.  Once in the tub he kind of runs in a circle inside it skating around and falling.  He likes for me to pull his tail and grab his feet while he’s doing this for some reason.  I could probably get a lot more done if I didn’t have to play this game every time I went to the bathroom but look at that face.  How can you say no?

 Monster also acts as the mouthpiece for all of the other animals.  When they are HANGRY (because I’ve been negligently crocheting or watching “Scrubs” or whatever), he is the one who goes above and beyond to get my attention.  For the better good of all of his sister/brother/boyfriend/girlfriends, he goes beyond the call of duty to get my attention and make me feed them.  This was something he realized he could do about two weeks ago. “If she won’t look away from the TV, I’ll just stand on the TV.  She can’t NOT see me up there.”  It worked guys.

 In this picture below, he is taking an interesting nap.  Monster likes to lay up against things rather than flat on the floor.  He takes naps against walls, against bookshelves and against the back of the couch.  Here he must have done that thing where you sit down and gradually slide into a prone position, kind of adapting to the things around you on the slide.  It must have been like when you do that on a Sunday afternoon and later find you’ve been resting your head on a pair of shoes and laying on a pair of scissors all day because you hadn’t meant to lie down but let gravity take it’s course.  Anyway, I doubt he meant to jam his head against a soccer ball but he’s adapatable.  *shrug*

And here he is luxuriating in the air conditioning. I was crocheting and watching TV. He loves to lay down next to me and nap while I do that.

 And that’s all the Monster-related news I have for you.  Right now he is laying against the book shelf again with his head pressed up against a door.  The soccer ball has been kicked aside.  Oh well.

6 thoughts on “What Monster’s been up to lately

  1. adfjal;sdfj
    He’s such a cutie pie!! :D

    I have two cats (who I have to get rid of, unfortunately… :( ) who do stuff like this all the time….I just don’t have many pictures of it, lol.

      • I know; it definitely is! :(
        Because of money though, my boyfriend and I couldn’t live together anymore–he moved into a friend’s house, and I moved back in with my parents…neither of which will let us keep the cats, who are currently still sitting in the old apartment (the lease isn’t up until the end of this month) until we can find a home for them :/

      • Ah that’s happened to me before. My parents divorced, sold the house and moved out. I didn’t have a place of my own and was living with a friend. I couldn’t bring the cat to her house so my cat stayed in the house by herself for a while, with me visiting her. It all worked out in the end though bc a friend took her in, thank god haha.

        I wish you luck!!!

  2. The standing on the tv trick is intense. I was all LOLizing and wheezing at it (’cause my lungs feel like they’re full of demon feathers today) at it. That cat is my new hero.

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