Suffering at Zuma Beach

You know how when you don’t live  by the beach, you say that you would TOTALLY GO if you lived there?  Well we don’t exactly live “near the beach” but we live a HELLUVA lot closer to it than we did in NJ.  The distance from our house to the beach is the same as Kearny was to NYC.  Twenty minutes without traffic, an hour with traffic, give or take ten minutes.  In NJ, we were about an hour without traffic to the beach.  I’d say this is an improvement.

Either way, when we go to the beach, we tend to drive a little farther up the California Coast to Zuma Beach in Malibu.  The closest beach to us is Santa Monica but it can be pretty crowded and you have to pay for parking. 

Anyway, we realized last week that with the hustle and bustle of job hunting and such, we have totally forgotten to go to the beach.  We decided to go last Tuesday because I had an interview on Monday.  For some reason, the last two times we drove there, we got sunny skies the whole way down the 10 but once we got to Santa Monica, the beach was overcast.  Last time, we turned back and went to an LA pool (since we were already in our bathing suits).  This time we were hardcore and decided to stay.

Zuma beach is pretty cool because since there isn’t a lot of “beach-type” activity, sometimes you can see dolphins in the water.  We didn’t see them this time though.  Since it was 80 degrees and sunny in LA, we didn’t anticipate it being in the 60’s and overcast in Malibu.  There were people swimming in the water but it was too cold even for me.  (Kristyn is a baby and will only get into water if it is bathtub temperature or if I force her.  I, on the other hand, grew up swimming in a bone-chilling freshwater river in Upstate NY.  The water was cold but was worse was how cool it was outside.  If it had been hot, the water temp wouldn’t have really bothered me.)

We got there around 2pm and as the afternoon went on, the sun started peeking out from behind the clouds.  It didn’t get any warmer though and before long we looked crazy.  Kristyn had a sweatshirt on and used her towel as a blanket.  I didn’t bring a sweatshirt to the beach because I’m not crazy.  BUT this ended up being the silly thing to have done because I was freezing.  Luckily I DID bring two towels though.  I used one as a shawl and the other as a blanket for my legs haha.

It was nice sitting there and reading though.  I read book two of Buffy Season Eight.  So good.  I don’t remember what Kristyn read because I was shivering too much.

Eventually I got tired of NOT swimming.  I hatehatehate going to places with water and not swimming.  If there is a body of water, I have to go in it and that’s fng final.  So I resigned myself to read until the book was done and then take a drastic measure and just jump in with no warning and that’s what I did.  I ran in and dove under a few times but the waves were starting to get strong and the lifeguards were gone so I got out just as suddenly.  It felt great.  I need to join the Polar Bear Club.

Another cool thing about California beaches is that this summer (maybe every summer?) they decided to have sponsored Lifeguard Stations.  Some of them are sponsored by local organizations but this one was sponsored by Benjamin Moore Paints, hence the colorful design.  So pretty right?  And check out the crows!

Once I got out of the water, we waited a hot minute for me to dry off so we could leave.  Here’s Kristyn suffering and packing up:

Here’s my shadow on the sand.  Notice the Sea Gull footprints.  The Sea Gulls here are GIGANTIC and BELLIGERENT.  At one point, the people next to us walked down to the water and no less than twenty Sea Gulls stood on their blanket and went through their shit.  The people weren’t far so I didn’t feel comfortable scaring them off but it was kind of hilarious to see them at work haha.

Here’s Krissy’s slender shadow haha:

Here’s me post-Polar Bear dip.  I’m really glad I went in.  Maybe we’ll go again this Tuesday.  It’s supposed to be warmer this week:

Here is Kristyn’s suffering face.  She looked so upset that I asked her if I could take a picture of the suffering.  She acquiesed.  (Author’s note: I don’t like to see Kristyn suffer.  I DO, however, like to make fun of her aversion to cold.  Homegirl could find a way to be “cold” in a heat wave.  I mean she is actually SUFFERING in 65 degree weather on a beach in Malibu.  Suffering.  What a cruel world it is for some of us haha.)

Here is a closer-up look at the Lifeguard Stand.  So pretty:

And here is a sign on the back of it.  “Trash your friends not the ocean!”  What an “LA” thing to say right?  Haha:

And here’s a bonus Monster picture.  I like that he’s sort of cross-eyed and sitting in a position I like to call “bullet-shaped”.  If you saw him from above you’d get it haha.

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