There’s more than one way to skin a cat

This year the cats got fleas.  We don’t know why but think it might be because our apartment is on street level.  Actually that HAS to be why because they’ve never gotten them before.  There’s a lady down the block who feeds the startling amount of stray animals that live in the area.  For urban LA, there are a lot of cats, skunks, dogs, COYOTES, birds, possoms, you name it.  Anyway, with all of those guys skulking around, I guess there’s bound to be a constant neighborhood flea infestation. 

ANYWAY, “Fleagate” started a nugget of an idea in our brains, well mostly my brain.  I really wanted to shave the cats.  Kristyn was kind of against the idea.  She was afraid they’d be less cute (especially Monster because he’s so fluffy).  I felt like if we shaved them, it would give fleas nowhere to hide.  Also, our AC leaves a LOT to be desired.  As the summer months approached in SoCal, the cats started looking like melting candles or sandbags, just kind of flopped on the floor flat and getting ever flatter.  Kristyn works at an animal hospital and had seen a few cats with Lion Cuts and thought it was kind of cute.  One day while she was at work, I bought an inexpensive men’s head shaver at Target, brought it home and started shaving Monster.  I don’t usually go behind her back for anything but I figured that he has the most fur to remove and is the most tolerant.  So I stuck to just taking a little off the sides haha.  He looked cute and Kristyn came around so one day we sat down and shaved Monster and Elvira together. 

Basically we would just do Monster, then let him rest while we did Elvira.  Now guys, shaving cats with a men’s hair shaver is NOT the way to go.  In terms of safety, it’s DEFINITELY better to use that than scissors or actual razors (NEVER DO THAT bc cat skin is thin and can split easily).  Next time we do this, we will definitely invest in a shaver meant for cat hair.

Anyway, here’s Elvira tolerating our bs:

Kristyn saw a vet at her job give her cat a Mohawk and really wanted to do it to the cats haha:

We also took turns shaving them and holding them so that we wouldn’t get too tired.  Here’s Monster hating life:

And here’s Monster with a Mohawk:

In the end, we decided that Monster looked a little “busy” with a Mohawk so we gave him a more traditional Lion Cut look but left the Mohawk on Elvira.  She’s a little more hardcore anyway:

Their hair has grown back quite a bit since we did this in July (the 6th to be exact).  But once they got over the aggrivation of the actual shaving, they were instantaneously MUCH happier.  They must have been SO HOT because once all that hair was off, their activity level went way up, as did their moods.  All summer they’ve been active and cool.  I’ll definitely do it again for them next summer with an actual cat shaver.  If we’d spent the 50 beans for a real shaver rather than the ten we spent on the one we have, we could have probably “shaved” the time it took us to do this by 3/4.  Har har.

We didn’t shave Edith at that time because she is NOWHERE near as easygoing as Monster and Elvira are.  Edith came from a fuckocked environment and still hates everything.  She’s a happy cat but she’s had to overcome a lot and just isn’t willing to tolerate things the same as Monster and Elvira.

That being said I didn’t want her to suffer the rest of the summer.  Edith has a booger face problem where she sneezes all the time (yes we’ve looked into it and no we’re not going to do any of the things that would fix it because her quality of life is better this way).  So I have to clean her all the time.  I brush her and then wipe her down with baby wipes.  While I was doing that, I decided that if I stood her on the kitchen table and pretended like I was just brushing her, she might let me shave off some of her hair.  Because she comes from an abuse situation, she doesn’t regularly clean herself and therefore gets matted fur.  She, above all, needed a shaving.

So that’s exactly what I did.  I stood her on the table and just took it slow.  In little sessions, I was able to shave off fur from her sides, chest, legs, back and behind.  Here she is halfway shaved (she’s happy actually haha):

So I wasn’t able to get the same amount off but she definitely benefitted from it too.  She’s not an active cat by any stretch but she seemed happier almost immediately.

And what’s also awesome is that we donated the fur to help clean up the shores from the BP oil spill!

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