Vanessa’s AIDS Ride

This past July, our friend Vanessa rode her BIKE from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  It was to benefit AIDS/LifeCycle. It was a 545 mile ride. If you can’t believe it, I’m floored because I met her at the finish line and homegirl didn’t even have a sweat going.

Here is the setup they had for the closing ceremonies.  They showed video of the ride and congratulated all of the riders for their amazing contribution:

Here are some more of the people who rode:

And here is Vanessa!!!  She’s cool as a cucumber and totally unbothered by riding her bike for 545 miles.  I was carrying on about the walk from the parking lot.  What a pussy I am:

To top it off, all of the riders had to keep holding their bikes over their heads so fools like me could get a good shot haha. Geez, ride your bike for 545 miles to raise money and AIDS awareness and your think your loved ones would give you a break! (Just one more picture!) Haha…Doesn’t she look like Wonder Woman?!:

Vanessa did this ride with her boyfriend’s family. Here they all are basking in the glow of legitimate accomplishment. So damn proud of them. Such an awesome thing to do:

Here is Vanessa with her parents. They were SO PROUD of her and SO CUTE!:

And here she is shipping her bike. You ride down to LA but you have to get back on your own. They take care of shipping your bike for you. Vanessa took a train home and noted how cool it was to see the California coast out of the train, rather than by bike on the way home. She kind of got to see JUST how far it was she’d traveled. SO. AWESOME.

I don’t think I could ever build up my strength and endurance to do the actual ride. HOWEVER, you can volunteer to be a roadie. They need all sorts of people to keep the riders safe, fed and taken care of. That’s something that Vanessa’s family, me and Kristyn are already dying to do. So cool.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you and give Vanessa mad props. So proud of you and your family Vanessa!!!

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