The Hunt

Lately, I haven’t been updating my blog at all. This is for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it’s because I’ve been job hunting and interviewing like crazy. Secondly, it’s because the less I update my blog, the less I want to, the more I do…well the more I do. Thirdly, because I’m out of practice, it’s been feeling like a “job” which is stupid because I do this for fun and not because anyone expects me to. All that being said, sorry for the delay (if you care) (which I’m sure you don’t).

Anyway, I have learned a lot lately. For one, the job market in LA is completely fuckocked. The Writers’ Strike made a lot of businesses shut down and therefore there are a lot of unemployed people in LA. Since LA’s main bidness is entertainment, that is a LOT of people who need jobs.

Here is what I am up against:

1) The previously employed.
2) New college grads with shiny, fancy BA’s that are willing to work for a hill of beans because someone else is footing their rent anyway.
3) Because so many people are unemployed, each job gets about a thousand applicants.
4) Because each job gets about a thousand applicants, employers have to sift through the pile and pick out a chosen few.
5) Because they have to do this, they have to look for reasons to knock people right out of the running depending on what they’re looking for and how much they can pay.
6) Because they have so many people in the running, they can call in who they deem the best and the brightest, no exceptions.
7) When you get there to interview, they’ve held some info back.
8) They’re not necessarily looking for you to wow them with your knowledge. Because of the massive amount of applicants, they’re looking to find ways to pick you apart and see which applicant holds up best after the picking process.

So this might all seem obvious to some of you guys but to me, it’s counter-intuitive. I give a pretty good interview and have generally gotten offered every position I’ve interviewed for. It’s true that I’ve also followed opportunities based on recommendations or lateral/upward moves to industries I’m already in (and have returned the favor in kind, mind you). So this is kind of a toughie because not only am I changing industries, I am also doing it without any kind of net.

“Coleen, why don’t you try to get a job in an industry you’ve already worked in?”

Guys, I am applying for jobs across the board. Name it and I’ve tried it. The problem is that the industry I left doesn’t exist out here, not really. Also, it is a somewhat dying industry. Also, the position I left makes me “over-qualified” for a good portion of the jobs I’m applying for. Over-qualified means that they don’t want to take a chance on me because I might find a better opportunity and leave or, you know, “want things” (like health insurance and/or more money once I get there).

“Coleen, why don’t you at least apply to something similar to the job you left then? Surely you can get an office job?”

You’d think but they’re not calling.

“Coleen, why don’t you write up a few different versions of your resume to tailor it to the job you’re applying for?”

I have five resumes.

So, IDK. The good thing and the bad thing is that the only jobs that ARE calling me back are in entertainment. That’s good because that’s where I want to be. That’s bad because these jobs are exquisitely difficult to get because everyone wants them.

At first when I was interviewing and not getting jobs, I was taking it personally. Well, not personally but feeling like a failure. I felt like I’d lost my touch or did something “wrong”. Now I realize that my resume can be perfect, my outfit great, not a hair out of place, friendly smile on, professional dialogue intact, firm, but not too firm handshake and if someone does a HAIR better (or worse) than me, that’s it. They’re hired and I’m not. It’s not that I’m not impressing interviewers or doing a good job, it’s just that the competition is stiff and there is no shortage of qualified applicants.


I don’t even know if any of the above makes sense but I’m not going to re-read it because the entire shebang tires me on a profound level haha.

I have more to say but I’m going to put it in another blog. This one might be kaputsky.

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