Over the past few days, I have been toiling at the computer, trying to remove all the pictures off of my computer and my phone. It sucked. I finally got them off and don’t feel like sitting at the computer for another hot minute. That being said, I felt like bitching for a minute and so here I am. Let the bitching commence:

Kristyn signed up to do some overtime tonight. Unfortunately it’s a 7pm to midnight shift. It’s not a long one but it sucks and she just left. We just finally watched “Hot Tub Time Machine” and it made us want to have debauched fun. We can’t have debauched fun because of the working she has to do. We also can’t have debauched fun because our friends that we create havoc with are on the other side of the continent. We also can’t have debauched fun because any duckets we’d have used for debauchery just went to the LA Public Library for overdue fines. That is NOT the definition of debauchery.

Kristyn said she wanted to take a Hot Tub Time Machine back a few years to Matt and Rachel’s Bachelor/Bachelorette Party in Las Vegas. Almost twenty of us flew there from NJ. We left NJ on Friday morning…Hot Tub Time Machine time travelled back through the time zones and got there on Friday morning…acted like fools all day and night…got a minimal amount of sleep…acted like fools all day and night on Saturday…stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG and then left on Sunday morning. On the plane, Kristyn and Christine were terrifying. They were like giggly zombie-people. They kept trying to hold my hands and tell me out-of sequence stories. I tried to put them down for a nap but they wouldn’t have it so I put myself down for one to escape. We won a lot of money gambling that weekend with the help of a friend I won’t name who won a lot of money and then lost it all again.

Here is a picture of some of us. We’ve had daquiris. I think this was on Saturday:

FOOLS: Top Row L-R: Cheryl & Bryan, 2nd Row L-R: Vanessa, Me, Kristyn, Christine, Virginia, Bottom Row L-R: Amanda, Delilah & Maribel.

Anyway.  That WOULD be a good weekend to Hot Tub Time Machine back to for schizzles.  Good times.

Also, I have a bunch of things to blog about that I just don’t feel like doing at the moment.  For the time being, here is a teaser:

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