Sunday blahs

I…am…so…mother…crunkin…bored.  And “only boring people get bored” blahblahblah…but when you’ve been unemployed since August, you run out of exciting things to while away the hours.

I do, in fact, have many things I can be doing. Here they are:

1) Dishes
2) Feed the animals again. (We feed them twice a day. And before you get all lecturey, they get half their portion in the morning and half at night.)
3) Sweep the kitchen floor.
4) Upload photos for Vanessa.
5) Write a blog about the AMAZING thing that Vanessa did two weeks ago.
6) Fill out some paperwork for school.
7) Crochet.
8) Burn some CDs for a project I’m working on.
9) Write a blog and post some pictures of what I’ve been doing lately.
10) More job hunting. *
11) Develop film.
12) Bake cookies.
13) Exercise.
14) Write some emails that I need to write.

*sigh* I don’t WAAAAANNA do any of these things! Well that’s not true, I do but I’m in the mood to do something else. I want to get the funk out of this house but I can’t. I want Kristyn to come home but she won’t for at least another almost five hours.

And I’ve been job hunting (*) all day long. I have hit a wall with it. I really don’t know where else to apply that I haven’t already. I went on two interviews this week. They went well but I think I have more of a shot at one than the other. So we’ll see.

The only other job hunting that I have to do involves getting in the car and bringing my actual body out into the world to apply so that ain’t happenin right now since I don’t have the car.

Well True Blood is coming on and that will suck up an hour’s time.

Ugh it’s just one of those incredibly boring, long Sunday nights. Oh well. Tomorrow and Tuesday, Kristyn has off so I’m looking forward to that. We’re probably going to go to Griffith Park tomorrow so that will be fun. We’ve only ever been to go to the Observatory but never to walk around and hang out. Should be fun.

Okay, I’m going to go drink some water and eat some pretzels. (Even my snacks are boring.)

2 thoughts on “Sunday blahs

  1. baby was fed 24/7 i wonder what people would of thought. oh and i saw a cat that was bigger than monster and i said out loud that is totally a monster and then had to clarify to the lady not that her cat was a monster but we have friends that have a cat that is named monster.

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