Bus stories

I’m on the bus on my way to work. I take the 704 but there are two versions. There’s one that goes down Santa Monica Boulevard and then makes a left on Sepulveda Boulevard in Westwood (Kristyn works right there!) The one I take continues down Santa Monica Boulevard to the actual city of Santa Monica. This one is called the Metro Rapid and let’s call the other one “Regular”. Anyway that’s an awful lot of explanation for what is going to be a surprising little amount of story but here goes anyway.

I got to the bus stop a couple minutes early to find that my bus had already blown through. Another couple buses came and went and then the 704 Metro Rapid bus showed up. (The Metro Rapid is longer than the Regular 704. The Regular is a single bus and the Metro Rapid is a double-long bus…usually.) I go to get on and realize something isn’t right. Either this 704 is reeeeeeally late or reeeeeeally early. I asked the guy if this bus goes all the way to Santa Monica. “No.” I get off and wait until another 704 pulls up. This one is Regular-sized but is the Metro Rapid. So the entire bus is basically standing room only. I got a seat but there’s so many people on this bus and most of’m are stuck standing bc the drivers took the wrong buses. And our driver keeps hostilely yelling into the loudspeaker for everyone to move back. Blerg.

And a man got on the bus with me who was wearing the weirdest shirt. It was a patchwork plaid flannel and LACE shirt. Like square of flannel, square of see-through lace, square of flannel haha.

Anyway here is a picture of the sunset in Silver Lake yesterday.

And here is a picture of yet ANOTHER blanket I’m going to need to make…

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