Crafting, Libraries, Jobs and Slap Fights.

On Sunday I was REALLY bored.  I brought new meaning to the word, actually.  What I did to while away the time was make some vegan Almond Shortbread cookies.  Damn they were good:

Yesterday (Monday) we got a package in the mail from my Momma.  I was going to post a picture of the contents but I realized I took a picture of the letter along with the display of goodies.  Not sure if my Mom intended to publicly publish that letter so I’ll tell you what she sent us: A copy of “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” (awesome), two pretty little brooches (awesome), a letter (awesome), and twenty beans to have a good time with (awesome).  Best of all, I liked the label closing the package, haha:

Yesterday we were going to go to the beach but decided to instead further our brains.  We finally went and signed up for Library Cards at the new Silver Lake Library.  Only in Silver Lake (Williamsburg West) would this sign exist in the public library’s parking lot.  It made me laugh out loud and I love it:

We got kind of gluttonous at the library.  Full disclosure: We went to Atwater Village’s library too because they had more stuff we wanted.  You can have books out for three weeks and extend it twice.  I guess that’s enough time to read all of these?  Either way, I have every book that I’ve wanted to read for the past YEAR in a pile at my house.  And YES that top book is a book about two cats and a corgie that solve murders in a rural Virginia town.  Don’t hate.

After the library(ies), we went to Michael’s so’s we could turn in my mother’s twenty beans for yarn and such.  (Kristyn got drawing supplies and I also got a Paint-by-Numbers).  The bottom square is a Christmas blanket I’m re-tooling.  I had started making a zig zag blanket but that’s going to take WAY too long.  Instead she’s gonna look like that.  The top square is part of another blanket I’m doing (but will explain in a hot minute).

I’ve been itching to do a paint-by-numbers for like two years now.  I don’t know why but that’s the truth.  I’ve read a lot of blogs recently where paint-by-numbers keeps coming up for some reason and decided to finish one for once.  (Kristyn is so patient with me.)  We sat outside on the lanai until well after dark.  I was painting these horsies while Kristyn read…

…this entire book out loud to me.  It was pretty good.  It was about modern feminism and the forms it’s taken on from Riot Grrrl to the Spice Girls and everything before, between and since.  It was a good read.

Well probably for the first half of the book I painted.  The second half, I started on another blanket I’m working on.  You can’t see it well in this picture but it’s all multi-color with black around the edges.

Basically what I want to make is a replica of the blanket that’s always on the back of the couch on Roseanne (with my own flair/colors).

Also, I had a job interview today for a job I *REALLY* want.  Please, please, please, please, please, please, please Goddesses of Gainful Employment, take pity on me.  I fling myself at your Birkenstocks.  I will stop picking at my split ends for one WHOLE year if you let me have this.  (No really, I will.*)  I will also continue to go walking three days a week and fit in one day of jogging at LEAST.

* Kristyn HATES that I insist on doing this.  We get into slap fights over it.  For serious.

Anyway, that’s all the kidinky dust I have for your right now.  Let’s hope and pray that I didn’t babble or do anything else untoward in this interview.  I’m on pins and needles, y’alls.

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