This was a nice day.

We bought one of those laundry racks so we don't have to haul so much laundry to the laundromat all the time.

Here I am!

I'm almost done making this blanket!

Elvira does this every day when I feed her. She stands up on the printer and pokes her head around the wall. Kristyn had never seen it before.

Pretty flowers on an overgrown lawn across the street.

A mural down the street on Myra.

Here's a big mural on Santa Monica with a tiny shadow me in the corner.

Part of the same mural.

Me and the mural.

They recently re-tarred the street and I guess people walked through it.

A weird mural on Santa Monica.

I just liked the numbers on this house.

Me and some plants.

Headless body and then a row of heads. I love LA so much.

Another small mural.

Palm tree on Lexington.

Mural on Myra down the street from our house.

Same mural, a little further down.

Purple tree on the corner of our block.

Purple flowers on the ground.

Me walking up to our house.

Me reading a book in the courtyard.

The cats are screaming at me through the door.

Monster came out to sit with me.

It got dark while I was sitting out there.

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