Want to see a picture of us and Gary Coleman?

Gary Coleman, Kristyn, Moi

In honor of Gary Coleman’s death, here is a picture of me and Kristyn with him in 2007. Don’t mind our hairs, we were trying some things out. Gary Coleman was really, really nice. This was at the NYC Comic Con. We paid to take this picture, although I can’t remember how much. Still, sometimes when you meet these people, they’re perfunctory or kind of quick to take the picture and get you out of there. Gary Coleman insisted we at least take two so that we can get a good shot. We didn’t, but the thought was nice. He shook our hands too and I remember thinking how dry his hands were.

Anyway, I’m currently watching the Golden Girls in honor of Rue McClanahan and that somehow reminded me of this picture of Gary Coleman. I’m really sad for that guy because it doesn’t seem like anyone really cared for him. Reports keep coming out that his parents and his wife (all of whom bilked him for all he was worth) are fighting over his remains. His funeral has been cancelled and there’s nothing left of his estate to pay for it. Even in death, this guy can’t catch a break. Rest in peace, Gary Coleman. Poor guy.

4 thoughts on “Want to see a picture of us and Gary Coleman?

    • Right? And I really do feel bad for that guy. Vanilla Ice, of all people, said something that touched me the other day. He said, “Imagine having a disease that stunts your growth, takes your kidney function from you, makes you the punchline to every joke. Imagine having parents that took everything from you. How would you feel?” And it’s true. This guy had a rough life. And even in death, he can’t catch a break. Poor guy.

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