Sad things, crazy things, fruity things, boring things.

This is just a sprinkler and some flowers. Reminded me of summer so I liked it.

This morning I was having extremely vivid dreams. I wish I had committed to remembering them. The only part that I distinctly remember was hanging out with the recently deceased Gary Coleman and his nutjob wife. We were climbing a hill and over the side of the hill was a bunch of reporters. They weren’t here to talk to Gary, they were here to report about a Mets game or something. There happened to be a pool of water (not a real pool, just a pool of water) that we decided to swim in. We were having a really good time in that water. The cameras turned to us and honestly I’ve never seen Gary Coleman so happy. Then the alarm went off. I’m here to say that wherever Gary Coleman is, he is having a great time. No need to worry.

Rest in Peace Rue, You will be sorely missed.

In more important tragic celebrity death news, my girl Rue McClanahan has also flown off to heaven. There are just no words to express my grief over this shit. Yes we all knew that this was something on the horizon but who can ever REALLY prepare for the loss of a Golden Girl? Tonight I am going to go home and watch some episodes on DVD. That is right, I’m proud to say that we own every season of GG and even season one of Maude. (Goddamn it release season two already!) Kristyn told me that Rue’s death inspired a feeling of creativity in her today. I said, “Why? To make Rue McClanahan art?” And she said, “No, to work on a TV show like the Golden Girls.” And I agreed but then I was inspired to make Rue McClanahan art. You guys might not know this but me and Kristyn actually have already made GG-inspired art that is languishing at home. I’ll show ya later.

Purple Tree down the block from my job.

What else, what else? I took a walkaroo at lunch and feverishly took some pictures of California’s purple tree populace. It’s a mark of how little I get out lately that I only noticed the purple trees when we drove down to Long Beach to do the Flash Mob considering that now I see them all over LA. Eyes wide shut bitches.

Trailer Park in Santa Monica with two purple trees.

I also had a white flesh nectarine today. It wasn’t even ripe but it as delicious. If you like really sweet fruit, trust me, you will like white flesh nectarines. They’re a little bit more expensive than your standard nectarine but the expenditure is worth it. What a delicious fruit.

Some pretty flowers that I just liked the color of.

So you know, I have one and a half hours of work left today and I have nothing to do. I’m extremely a little bored. I’m reading a new blog (for me, not for them) called The Windshield Diaries. I like it because the couple lives in Upstate New York. I have been CRAVING Upstate New York for weeks. I’d do a surprising amount of debauched things in order to be up there for one day and one night at this moment. Kristyn had to cut me off from waxing poetic about it the other day. Yes, friends and family, I miss you. But right now, you are being usurped by the Catskills.


I think that’s really all I have to say for right now. Natch, I could go on but I talked myself into reading the Windshield Diaries again. See ya.

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