“You’re over-qualified.”

Cleaning this car damn near almost killed me because it was covered with so much pollen.

Today my boss asked me how my job interview went yesterday. I told him what the woman had said, “You’re great, but you’re over-qualified.” He laughed and said, “Seriously, how often do you hear THAT?” Naturally he meant that that’s not something you hear every day but lately, yes it is. What I wanted to say was, “Well, twice this week if you want to be technical.” Instead I just smiled. This job-huntin thing ain’t easy. And this is EXACTLY what I said would happen and everyone looked at me like I was being egotistical. Frankly, I AM over-qualified for a lot of the jobs I am applying to. This is because I’m applying to so many jobs and so many DIFFERENT kinds of jobs. What I predicted (and is coming true so far) is that I’d be over-qualified for anything that wasn’t publishing. Because there is no publishing industry out here, I can’t get a job that is similar to what I left. Anything lateral in another industry (namely the entertainment industry), I am UNDER-QUALIFIED for. Anything entry-level in another industry, I am OVER-QUALIFIED for. Twice this week, I have been told that I am a “GREAT APPLICANT!” “CERTAINLY QUALIFIED!” “SO PROFESSIONAL!” “110% GUARANTEED TO DO A GREAT JOB!” before being given a look that said, “But I’m so sorry…”

Monster reading and skateboarding.

The problem they’re having is a valid one. WHAT IF…they take the time to hire me, train me, put me on the schedule and count on me and I find something better? WHAT IF…they take the time to hire me, train me, put me on the schedule and count on me and I get bored/ask for more money/think this is beneath me? I mean they don’t know me. And they’re right for watching their own backs. But it’s stressfull to know that I can’t pay my bills again this month because someone less qualified will be hired. I NEED this job. I NEED this money. I WILL do a great job. I have been looking for a job for eight months. I’ve gone on a handful of interviews. One was for my (unpaid) Internship. I got it and accepted. At every other interview, I nailed it and didn’t get it. I’ve been on interviews before where I just wasn’t “the right fit”. You know it right away. I’ve gone on interviews and been on the fence about whether or not they’d hire me and then they did. But all the interviews I’ve gone on have gone well, it’s just that someone else did it a little better.

On our way to faux-Charming (where they film Sons of Anarchy).

I hate to bitch and I hate to moan. I’m just tired of the Great American Job Search. I want to get on with my life already. I want to be able to pay my languishing credit card bills (which are hollering at me). I want to be able to visit home. I want to be able to go out for dinner without worrying that it will topple our little economy. I rarely take to my blog to express my frustrations, why bother? This world is filled with enough bullshit as it is. And I am HAPPY here. I love it here, I just wish I could love it to its full extent.

Teeny Grill.

There are SO many cool things happening here all the time and I can’t take part. Our favorite comedians do shows every single week in LA. There are so many flea markets and street fairs and plays and events and concerts and outdoor movies and restaurants and beaches and parks and horseback riding…I can go horseback riding in like three different locations, all of which are like ten minutes from my house. In LA. I can go horseback riding on a scenic trail ten minutes from my front fng door and I can’t do it. Beetlejuice is playing at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary just down the road next weekend and I can’t afford to go. Last night, the entire cast and creators of “True Blood” held an event in LA where they showed the first episode of the season, had a Q&A and gave out gift bags. I mean, I have a great time in NYC but this shit here in LA is RIGHT up my alley. And yes, my lard-ass is here but that’s about it. I can find a way to the venue and peer inside but much like Tiny Tim, I’ll be escorted from the premeses for being too mealy-mouthed and pauperish. *sads*

Blueberry Beer makes California girls lightheaded with a QUICKNESS.

We are “hanging in there” with the fng best of’m. I mean the tough part was GETTING HERE and we DID that. Here’s something that will blow your mind…We’ve been here for eight months already! What else is weird is that I am about to finish my Internship. I have already interviewed for this internship, gotten it, started it, learned it, did it, finished it and now I’m still here when I should have finished a month ago. I mean seriously. Time is flying.

Here is Elvira in mid-crazy-yawn (a much more peaceful even than it looks).

The good thing about time flying is that I DID get a ton of good experience at Lionsgate. I LOVED doing this internship. It really made me feel like my life was EXACTLY on track, like, for once, I was where I was really supposed to be. So it makes me sad to leave but my time is up. There is a bevy of new interns and they don’t need me anymore. They are nice as all get out and would never boot me out (probably) but I dont’ want to overstay my welcome. Anyway, there’s nothing else that I really can learn there. Time for the new interns to get a shot. Plus I need to throw all my manpower into finding a paying job. Throughout working for Lionsgate, I still looked for jobs. I would have have taken one if I’d been offered one, of course. I wasn’t offered one though, so I was glad to have this Internship to keep me busy and learning. But now I feel like I’m at a party long after it’s over. It’s that latelatelate part of the party where everything is cleaned up and my hosts have their pajamas on and I’m asking what’s on tv, haha. “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here, my friend.” Haha. Oh Lionsgate, how I loved you. What a great experience that I will always treasure. If anyone from Lionsgate reads this, they’ll probably be like, “Wow, she was having a good time? She never talked to anyone!” Yes that’s true but I was having a good time. For once I was doing work that actually satisfied/interested me. Right brain/left brain engaged and firing. Questions being asked that I actually wanted to know the answers to. Projects being worked on that I know will bring measurable happiness to the people who benefit from them.

Took a little naparoo late yesterday afternoon.

And I got to work on some seriously RAD projects. My bosses are great at mentoring. My one boss, in particular, tried to show me the ins and outs of what goes into making a feature film. What sells, what doesn’t. What kinds of scripts get bought and why. What kind of things to look for when objectively reading a script. Is it cinematic? Is the character likeable? Who will go and see this movie? Does it have a narrative that can be boiled down to make a cohesive commercial? Has this been done before? Will this make money? Why do I care about this story? All I’m saying is that I am so glad to have been given this opportunity. It really solidified my goals and has given me a clear direction. Also, it showed me that there are nice and normal people who work “in the bidness”. *Whew!*

I don't know why you'd bring such big balloons onto public transport.

Anyway, whatevs. The point of all of this is that Momma needs a job BADLY. I. Want. To. Get. Out. Of. The. Goddamn. House. Sometimes. And. I’m. Getting. Antsy.

Wish me luck, mothers.

This picture didn't come out as I'd intended but I think I captured the sunset (if nothing else).

One of these got me in BIGTIME TROUBLE once.

2 thoughts on ““You’re over-qualified.”

  1. The thing is, when you go for a job that you are over qualified for, you need to dumb down your resume and experience a little. Not too much, just a little. Technically, you wouldn’t be lying, just not telling them all of your experience or education or whatever. Good luck on the job hunt.

    • Thanks James! Believe me I am tailoring my resume and interview to each job. It’s just that they keep some cards hidden. Like one interview I went on, they said that the job required many years of experience. So I went in and brought out the big guns. THEN she told me that the job was mostly keeping the office clean and answering the phone haha. They made it seem more important than it is. I think a lot of these jobs want you to be like *just* qualified with room to grow. They don’t want you to be totally qualified in case you get bored and leave. And I think the other problem is that they’re asking for people with mad skills when they really need someone with entry level skills. I mean it’s totally possible that I’m just not doing as well on the interviews as I think I am but on every interview I’m told that I’m qualified, sound intelligent, have the skills to pay the bills, they seem to genuinely like me and then no call back. IDK whether it’s LA politeness that I’m reading wrong or what.


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