The Lost Finale is about to come on!

I’m writing on here because I am alone. Kristyn’s at work and I can’t talk to anyone or go online. I think the show is already over at home and just about to start for me. Still watching the pre-show. Crocheting a blanket that I’m going to call “Peanut Butter and Jelly”. Made myself two cups of tea to drink. One for now and one as a backup. Can NOT fall asleep during Lost. Tomorrow we are hoping that Lost goes online because Kristyn needs to watch it.

And I’m going to make a bet and say that I’m really going to like this finale. I really liked Tuesday’s episode a lot which has basically been the exception to the rule this season. It’s not that I thought this season was bad, it just wasn’t exciting. This show is more fun when it’s asking questions, not answering them.

Anyway, the show starts in 15 mins. So excited! Wish Kristyn was here!

Also, here’s a picture of Peanut Butter and Jelly from this morning. I’ve done a bit more since then!


37 minutes in – This episode is so good! AND I called some of this shit. Booyah.

40 minutes in – How was that a surprise?

49 minutes in – Did not see that one coming. Crying.

One hour in – Anticipation mounting.

One hour, 3 mins in – Oh shit.

One hour, 4 mins in – Oh shit again.

One hour, 13 mins in – Crying while eating. Why are you crying? Beautiful moment. What are you eating? An orange.

One hour, 24 mins in – What?! Whoa.

One hour, 25 mins in – Snap.

One hour, 27 mins in – Crying again. It’s…just…so…beautiful…

Some pictures:

One hour, 36 mins in – Crying AGAIN.

One hour, 38 mins in – love these Target commercials. Combines two of my favorite things.

One hour, 45 mins in – Crying HARD.

One hour, 47 mins in – Tired of face being wet. Looking forward to crying some more.

One hour, 50 mins in – Yes True Blood Commercial!

One hour, 54 mins in – I knew it!

Two hours, 3 mins in – Holy shit! Goosebumps!

Two hours, 15 mins in – Aww.

Two hours, 16 mins in – I wish Kate would have remembered to take a bath.

Two hours, 20 mins in – What now?

Two hours, 21 mins in – Wow what?

Two hours, 24-29 mins in – Choking on my own spit crying.

Two hours, 30 mins in – Wait I have a question.

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