So excited about Lost!

I don’t usually like to talk Lost out of school bc:

a. If you don’t watch it, you don’t care.
b. It’s a tough topic to discuss.
c. Nothing mind-bending has happened all season.

That being said, last night’s episode really made me excited for Sunday’s Finale!


FINALLY, we get a good episode where THINGS HAPPEN. Ben’s back! And evil! Jack’s “the one”! Richard got bitchslapped by old Smokey! Things are in motion on the Flash Sideways! Tina Fey got killed! Charles Widmore got smoked! We’re thisclose to finding out who Jack’s Babymomma is! Also, I think that Daniel Farraday’s Mother narrated the clip of “what’s to come” which means she’ll probably be back! Yesyesyes!

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