It’s Lunchtime

I usually go for a half hour walk during lunchtime but today is just too chilly/drizzly and I’m feeling sleepy.  Probably a walk is EXACTLY what I need but I’m going to take a pass on this day. My boss isn’t here today so it feels like I shouldn’t be either.  Doesn’t that idea feel right in your soul?  Alas, here I am and there he is.  Oh well.

Yesterday me and Kristyn gave the apartment a good scrubbing.  It took us a couple of hours (and still needs more frankly) but it’s looking a lot better than it did.  They weren’t really FIERCE cleaning hours though to be honest.  There was a break for a peanut butter and banana smoothie.  Then there was the time that we both vaguely argued over cleaning the same ceiling fan.  Then there were the times where Kristyn took the vacuum’s hose and sucked up weird things in corners you might not notice.  Then there was the time that I did precisely 3/4 of the dishes before throwing in the towel.  All these things were IMPORTANT but somewhat leisurely.

After that, we watched episode three of “Sons of Anarchy”.

After that, we got dressed and went to Trader Joe’s.  Despite Trader Joe’s reputation for being “healthy” which usually equals “high end”, you can get a LOT of food there for a little amount of money.  That place is weirdly magic.  You just throw whatever tickles your fancy into the cart, go to the register (where they take the groceries out of the cart FOR you) and it never ever costs anywhere near what you think it might.  We probably bought a good two weeks of food yesterday and spent exactly what we said we were gonna.  Good times.  And it’s all good, healthy stuff so win, win, win.

Then we came home and Skyped for a spell with Kristyn’s parents.  Topics included: Sewing machines, Ticks, the word “bloodmeal”, Racism, Socialism, Healthcare and the origins of the naming of San Francisco.  More good times.

After that, we had Nachos for dinner.  They had vegetarian chilli, cheese, onions, tomatoes and avocado on them.  Good.

Then we started playing on  This is a gaming website that Kristyn’s Momma turned us onto.  It is ADDICTIVE!  I had to tear my eyeballs away and force myself to lay down.  Kristyn couldn’t get away and stayed on that thing until the website shut itself down on  her.  “Routine maintenance” my ass, they knew she was just chasing the dragon and had a little heart.

Tonight is the second to last episode of Lost.  We are circling the drain folks.  There BETTA be answers tonight.  Not like there hasn’t been, I just like to join the masses and holler a good threat.

What else, what else?  Did I mention that I’d like to be home?  Oh yes I did.  Okay, well I guess that’s all I got for now.  TTYL y’alls.

My boyfriend Ben BETTA be in this episode tonight!

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