I am blogging from my courtyard on my phone. I just went jogging and it’s nice out here. Guys I am: Out. Of. Shape. I can’t do the first workout for C25K. (My friend Lauren just recently recommended this to me but someone else did too. I’d like to give them credit also so if it’s you, please remind me! What would be funny was if it were just Lauren having recommended it to me twice. My brain is shot.) It’s okay, I’ll get past it but getting back in shape is going to be an uphill battle for shizzles. Whatever.

I am also extremely bored today. We had such a good time yesterday that I want to have another equally good time today but it can’t be so because Kristyn is at work. Whatever.

I have some more things to say but no patience right now. I think I had one can too many of Pepsi Max. (Note to self: Too much Max gives you jagged nerves.)

And look at how much progress Edith is making with her Kitty Prozac! She usually just hang out on her Lanai/Grey Gardens (cat tree) but lately she’s been coming down to chillax. Shoulda done this years ago:

P.S. We got an app for our iPhones to do C25K. It tells you when to run and when to walk! Good times!

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