Ten things I need you to know

First thing: A man is on the bus with me having a feverish, silent conversation with no one. It’s not even like he’s Bluetoothing. He’s mouthing words and actively gesturing. It seems like an amiable conversation with a good friend. It’s filled with nodded heads, dismissive hand gestures as if to say “You crazy”, smiles and I even saw a side-eye in there. It’s sad but at least he’s entertaining himself quietly AND he seems to have a good relationship with his friend.

We made Zeppoles!

Second thing: This Times Square Bomber thing is making me emote a range of feelings. Because the danger was already neutralized by the time I heard about it, I just kind of brushed it off as “one of those things that happens in NY” especially since they were downplaying it (saying it was amatureish etc). But now that that douche’s picture was released and there is a human face on it I am FURIOUS. And the news is releasing only the most smug pictures of him probably to make us not give a hit what his “reasoning” was (not like any “reason” you’d have to put a bomb in Times Square would hold water). But if you’ve never been to Times Square, imagine the most people you’ve ever seen in your life and multiply it by ten. It still always amazes me how MANY people are out there. IDK the strength of that bomb but a lot of innocent people wouldve been hurt by that smug asshole. Throw the book at him.

Here are some melting marshmallows from the Rice Krispie Treats I tried to make for Kristyn's work party last week. It was a win/fail scenario.

Third thing: My Internship was due to end this Thursday but I had a short conversation with my boss yesterday (he was busy so I didn’t want to take up any of his time). Anyway, I asked him if he still wanted me to finish this week. I’m not in a rush out the door since I haven’t found a job yet and I know he needs the help. Plus you know what they say about idle hands…at least for now, I’m going to stay on and stay busy. Maintain my contacts and continue to learn. Anyway, he said, “We’d love to have you!” and so I (weirdly) just said, “Okay then! See you tomorrow!” and bounced haha. I guess I should’ve asked some followup questions or something. He just was really busy and I didn’t want to take him away from what he was doing. Oh well.

Monster playing and sleeping.

Fourth thing: I’ve been making an effort to exercise again. Within the past few days I’ve jogged twice, gone walking, gone swimming, done a little yoga and pilates and some light arms weights. God that sounds like a lot but it wasn’t really. Feels good anyway.

Elvira's got to stop slouching.

Fifth thing: Still have to write GLAAD Awards post. It’s blocking me from writing anything else bc it’s a long one and I haven’t had the time.

Me with wet hair and a big nose.

Sixth thing: Soon we are doing something really funny/awesome. The funniest part of it is that it’s a total secret and I can’t tell you haha. But I’ll tell you what it is soon, so fun!

Kristyn gathering our stuff out of the car on the way to the beach.

Seventh thing: IDK if I posted this in another blog but I was in a Starbucks last week and went to throw some shit out. Coming back from the trash, I saw a foot in one of those “injured foot” boots. I carefully stepped around the foot so that I would hurt it’s owner. I looked up and straight into David Beckham’s surly/adorable face! I blandly looked away and a vague voice in my head said “David Beckham”. I read a criminal amount of celebrity gossip so it’s not uncommon for me to see him…IN PICTURES. I did a double take and sure enough, behold a cranky David Beckham at the Starbucks around the corner from my job at 9am on a weekday. He’s angry to be awake (like the rest of us) and he’s angrier that my piggy little eagle eyes have spotted a bitch. I ran AWAY and out of the Starbucks. On FB someone was like, “Did you look around for Posh? I would have!” My answer was something to the effect of, “Hell no! I don’t want an irate David Beckham kicking me under ANY circumstances!!” So that was that. Also, here’s a buried lead for you, I met Taylor Lautner. Let’s see how many people read to the end of my blogs haha.

It was chilly on that beach!

Eighth thing: We’re starting the process of finding schools and trying to figure out how we’ll do it. I wonder if they have off-campus apartments that loans would cover. It would be great if we could maintain part-time jobs and go to school full-time. Also, we’re both FINALLY graduating from Bergen! By the end of this month we’ll be graduates!

Zuma Beach.

Ninth thing: Man I have a splitting headache. They’ve been on and off. I think it’s how my allergies manifest in California. I had two weeks of sneeziness in February and that was it. The rest of my allergies seems to be quick-onset headaches and sleepiness (I’ve been uncommonly run down.) I’ll take it!

LA Newscaster.

Tenth thing: We went to the beach this week which was so nice. We went to Zuma Beach in Malibu and there were SO MANY dolphins! Also, Vanessa is coming back in June. She is BICYCLING here from Sacramento!!! It’s an AIDS ride she’s been training for and we’re so proud of her!!! Also, the random Silver Lake violence continues. I heard what sounded like three gunshots the other night. Kristyn heard them last night. A little while later, our apartment was shaking bc a low-flying helicopte was overhead. There’s an emergency hospital with a helipad near us on Sunset so helicopters aren’t unheard of. This one sounded like it was going to crash into the house though…Kristyn found an article on either LA Times or LAist that there WAS reports of gunfire and that the helicopter had been looking for a gunman. No one was hurt which was good at least. In other horrifying news, at one of the two Targets we frequent, a woman went batshit and started stabbing bitches on Monday. She stabbed four people (including a mother holding a baby for Christ’s sake-both are okay). Fucking bananas. THIS is why we carry pepper spray. I want to at least temporarily maim someone if crazies threaten us (or anyone around us like in the Target situation).

Richard Simmons says "Happy Spring!"

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