Through my Internship, me and Kristyn got to see a screening of Kick-Ass.  (It was already in theaters, we’re not cool enough to see it beforehand.)  (Well we are but we didn’t get to, har har.)  It wasn’t at this theater though (although we WISHED it was bc we’re still dying to go there): 

I work next to MTV.  I’ve never had occasion to go inside before but I noticed that some poor fool left their work folder outside on a wall.  They probably sat down, put it down for a hot minute and moved on with their life.  We are Vigilantes for the Common Man (and love MTV) and decided to bring it inside to security.

Inside they had a Moon Man!!! 

They also have this weird/awesome camper in their lobby that I covet SO BAD.  I love trailers/campers/tents/popups/anything you can sleep/travel in.  I love the silver ones too.  And you can’t see it in this picture but it’s decorated really cool inside.

Here is the screening room where we saw Kick-Ass.  They even put out popcorn, sodas and M&Ms!  So cute!  And the movie was SO GOOD.  I knew it was ultra-violent but must have forgotten to tell Kristyn.  She thought we were here to see a children’s movie although why you’d call a children’s movie “Kick-Ass” is kind of a sweaty premise.

 Afterward, we snapped a coupla pictures in the areas I could get into at this time of night.  I had left my key card in the car so we couldn’t go into the office.

I’ve been wanting to get a picture of this sign for a while just for posterity’s sake. (Who knows if they’re ever going to let me in the building again after my internship is over?  Haha.):

Here is a not good picture.  It is of the office park near my building that I post pictures of sometimes.  Where all the water and ducks live.  I’ve never taken a night shot.  I brought Kristyn over here bc it’s so pretty and I wanted her to see it in person rather than just in pictures.

We stopped in the Ralphs’ near work to pick up a coupla things.  I’ve posted pictures of this supermarket before (perfect looking fruit and vegetable section haha).

We went home afterward because the GLAAD Awards were the next day and it was gonna be a hecka long long long long day (and it was haha). Good times.

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