Irrepressible Optimism

I am an eternal optimist when it comes to certain things. I think it’s close to mental illness in a weird way. I am forever and a day hoping for things that are way beyond possible. This makes a lot of great and stupid experiences.

Coleen, here are some things you need to learn (and get over):

a) Some people never change.
b) Some people won’t ever be your friend no matter how good your intentions are. It’s not your problem.
c) You can’t make everyone like you.
d) There will always be someone looking to shit on your parade. Don’t let them.
e) Some friendships have to end. Let them.
f) When people are nasty for no reason, they have their own problems.
g) Most people would rather blame you for their shit that take responsibility for it. Let it roll off your shoulders.

Coleen, here’s the good news:

a) Things are looking up.
b) You are living your dream.
c) You have people in your life who truly love you.

There was more to that second list but it got to self-helpy to publish so I deleted it. The gist of it was, “YOU CAN DO IT!” Haha.

This actually made my ass feel better. Thanks blogosphere for letting me barf my thoughts out. *Hug, hug, kiss, kiss, love ya*

* Nicholas Murray Butler (from the quote above) was somewhat of a racist, anti-semite. Before you go all “How dare you?!” on me, I don’t agree with that bullshit, just the sentiment of the quote. I just wanted to point that shit so we’re all on the same page here. Okay? Okay.

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